Bedroom Decoration – Making Happy Space for You!

A bedroom is a place where your story begins, it’s the place where you start & end your day. It must have that soothing urge that gives you a feel of “Nirvana” as well make it a magical place for you. It is the place that belongs to you or we can say that your bedroom reflects your personality, the way you decorate it. When it comes to decorating your bedroom, there are two most important things you need to consider; the very first thing is your taste and the second one is the theme you are choosing must compliment your house too.

It might be possible that you have a certain theme and style already in your mind for your bedroom. But the thing you need to keep in your mind is that for whom you are going to decorate the room or you are going to share. For example, if you are going to share it with your partner, then you should go for couples based theme and it should be a blend of you and your partner’s taste. While decorating a bedroom for kids, you should consider their interests. If your child is creative or passionate about a certain sport, hobby or anything else, his/ her bedroom should be decorated in such a way that makes them feel more connected towards their passion.

Once you are done with deciding the theme, the other things come in the list are decorating the walls, ceiling and most importantly what kind of decor and furniture, you will keep in the bedroom.

Concepts for decorating walls

When the turn is of decorating the walls of the bedroom, it is the time when you can show your creative side. You are going to receive many compliments if you succeed in making your bedroom walls “live” that can speak for themselves. Yes, this is the very concept that you need to acknowledge when you are renovating your bedroom walls.

Bedroom walls can be decorated at two levels: micro-level and macro-level. With regards to enriching the room at a Micro level, it is consistently a smart thought to coordinate the shade of the wall. Here are the few ideas for decorating walls at the macro – level.

• DIY photo montage with strings of light could be a superb idea for school or college going teens. While a collectable, characteristic walls expressive subject could talk volumes on your classy settled rich lifestyle.

• Knitted arts, wooden mosaic wall art, vintage letters, wall-mounted painting, great tweaked mark outlines, Instagram photos, concept artwork, glass painting, Painted glass holder, Kawaii painting could be another kind of lovable craftsmanship that you could add to your once-over!

For more ideas, you can browse the internet and mix and match with your concept and can create a unique one.

Ideas for decorating bedroom roof

The ceiling of a room is considered as the fifth wall and it has equal importance as like other four walls of a room. There are multiple concepts that you can implement while decorating bedroom ceilings. The factors that matter in ceiling decoration are colour, size of the room, symmetry.

The colour of the ceiling must be like that which prod the eyes with a contrast between the four walls and the ceiling.

The idea of of unique touches will include wallpapers, French styled decorations. Places we travel around and take resident at can inspired by hotels which are five stars.

Decor and furniture of the bedroom

A bedroom is a place where one spends its “me time” where you relax, thought peacefully or sometimes you make some big decision of your life over there. So, psychologically the decor of your bedroom affects your mood and process of your thinking. At this point, decorating your bedroom becomes very personal and also Lighting up space for better perspective and home condition can be a keen idea for you.

One of the most significant things you have to consider for decorating it is the comfort your elaboration can bring you. It is moreover basic to consider the size of the room when thinking about room considerations. The size will choose the kind of furniture pieces that you can buy. For example, if you have a small room, choose multifunctional furniture pieces. You can buy a bed that has storage blocks underneath or cabinets to intensify the wall space.

The wallpapers also give the room a touch of class and can be matched with upholstered headboard and similar wallpaper which can have a tinge of which and black floral patterns, Monochrome wallpapers can be used to add value to the room. Curtains and blinds also play an important role in the decorations if the bedroom even in any part of the house ,heavy curtains and beautiful blinds or windows can also add taste and luxury to your bedroom.

You need to tend that your bedroom should have enough storage space, you have to make sure that you have a place for everything in your room. Avail racks for small displays, space for a wardrobe, and drawers for other room stuff. It is essentially noteworthy if you are decorating a kid’s room, it must have more space and installed shelves as children have a ton of stuff like toys and books. They should have enough additional spaces for all of their things.

One should also have knowledge about how to decorate & accessorize your bedroom. To make the walls all the more fascinating, you can hang paintings, blurbs, illustrations, or framed photographs. A few people even paint a wall painting on their walls that look like a permanent painting. You can add on the vases, handmade crafts, books, toys for your child’s bedroom, or your collection if you have any.

All these bedroom ideas will make your bedroom attractive, interesting and moreover a “happy space” for you.

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