9 Best Air Mattresses 2020 Reviews

There are many occasions for which you might need to purchase an air mattress, most usually involve having more guests to sleepover than you have available beds! Air mattresses are a simple alternative to people having to take up the couch or worse still, the uncomfortable floor.

Do you have memories of waking up on the hard floor as the 3-inch thick mattress has deflated or punctured in the night? Or were you forced to sleep with your older, much heavier brother, his side of the air bed sunk while you found yourself flailing about in mid-air? Good times!

You will be delighted to hear that technology has moved on greatly since then,and some of the best air mattresses  now imitate the comfort of sleeping in an actual bed. They are cost-effective, reliable, simple to inflate and deflate and most importantly, can be thrown into a cupboard until next required.

Packing your air mattress for your next camping trip can mean a quality nights sleep even beneath the canvas. What could be better?

Air Mattress for Camping

How to Choose the Best Air Mattress

When spending your hard-earned cash on anything it is always advisable to gather as much information as possible, read reviews and look at product descriptions. The more informed you are, the wiser buying decision you will make. Deciding where and when you will use the product helps, setting a budget is a useful idea too.

Have a look at our handy hints to choosing the best air mattress for your needs.

Where will you need to use it?

Some air beds are designed specifically with the outdoors in mind, those will usually have an adaptor to use with your car’s cigarette lighter to inflate them.

Others are inflated by electricity alone, not ideally suited to the camper, but perfect for overnight guests.

How often will it be used and by who?

Let’s be frank, no-one wants to lay out over $100 for an all-singing, all-dancing air mattress that will probably only get used once or twice. Choose wisely, budget ones are available and still offer great comfort.

Twin size beds are perfect for large adults and usually plenty for a couple of children. If you need to accommodate a couple of adults then you will need a Queen size mattress. Plenty of available space and you’d like added luxury? Then there is always the king size option.

Single or double depth?

Double-depth air mattresses tend to better replicate the feel and sense of being in an actual bed. These are particularly useful when needed for an extended time period, maybe when moving house or a guest is staying for the summer.

Single-depth air beds are great for camping trips. They are also suited for when the grandkids want a sleepover!


Who wants a product that has a short service life? Knowing what your mattress is made from and how many uses you can expect from it, is a great help.


Obviously. That home-from-home feeling that you want to be able to offer your guests. A good nights sleep is integral to our physical and mental health. All of the best air mattresses should offer this.


The price difference between the 10 best air mattresses that we have reviewed is almost a whopping £100. Yet every single one of them is a quality product.

We have taken the hard work out of finding quality air mattresses, you can read our reviews of the 10 best and make your own informed decision.

Air Mattress for Camping

Top 10 Best Air Mattresses

Lazery Sleep Air Mattress4.7
NXONE JOOFO Twin Air Mattress4.5
Avenco Twin Air Mattress4.5
Englander First Ever Microfiber AIR Mattress4.7
OlarHike Twin Air Mattress with Electric Pump4.5
EZ INFLATE Dual Pump Technology Queen air Mattress4.7
SoundAsleep CloudNine Series Queen Air Mattress4.8
Sable Air Mattress Full Size XL4.9
King Koil California King Luxury Raised Air Mattress4.7

1. Lazery Sleep Air Mattress

If you are looking for an air mattress that makes you feel like you are sleeping in the most comfortable bed, then this queen-sized offering from Lazery Sleep is worthy of serious consideration.

Firstly, it arrives in a convenient carry bag and weighs just shy of 20lbs, convenient to store or to pack in the trunk of the car.

Secondly, and most impressively, from laying it on the floor to fully inflated takes a tiny 4 minutes! This is achieved via the in-built electric pump, simply plug it in the wall, flick the switch, and let it do all of the hard work for you.

Once inflated you can use the led remote control to choose your comfort setting, of which there are 7. These vary from soft through to firm, one touch allows you to find the perfect match for a great nights sleep.

Inside the air mattress are 40 air coils which act much as the springs in a regular mattress would. They adjust with body-weight, always maintaining that the sleeper is fully supported. This works particularly well when 2 people use the mattress, the weight is evenly distributed, 1 person can turn over without the fear that the other will be disturbed. It has a 500lb overall weight capacity too, so couples can comfortably sleep in the knowledge that the mattress won’t deflate or collapse during the night.

Once inflated, the mattress is 19” from the ground, this is higher than many of its rivals and is another factor in creating the illusion that you are sleeping in a real bed.

It has been fabricated from tough and durable material, you can feel the quality, it is thick and puncture-proof, and will last for many years to come. The deep red topping has a soft flock-like covering which is handily waterproof. The base has grooves that ensure that it stays put on whichever surface you place it on.

We could wax lyrical about this air mattress for hours! It truly does offer everything you could need.

At a glance

  • Built-in electric pump
  • Led remote to control 7 comfort settings
  • Fully inflates within 4 seconds, deflates quickly
  • 40 dual-chamber air coils offer superb support and comfort
  • 19” depth, feels like a ‘real’ bed
  • Automatically stops inflating when capacity is reached
  • 100% 1-year warranty, very responsive customer service

Any issues?

  • Can only be inflated via an electricity supply, no 12v option

2. NXONE JOOFO Twin Air Mattress

You know that a product is good when the company offers a 3-year refund or replacement warranty. That’s what NXONE has done, so they must have great confidence in their Joofo air mattress.

It is easy to understand why their faith is not misplaced, it looks and feels high quality. The thick material looks like it will last forever and the soft flocking top can only help in getting a soothing and comfortable sleep.

Weight capacity is a fabulous 660lb, so settling in front of the TV with the kids is easily done. It is 18-inches high and the sides are so firm that you can sit on them as you would do your regular bed, maybe to put your socks on!

The wipe-clean fabric is breathable too so it is kind to your skin, allowing air and moisture to pass through guaranteeing a good nights rest without overheating or discomfort.

The little suction cups on the base are a nice touch, this mattress is going nowhere, even with the most fidgety sleeper!

The inner valve inflates the mattress in less than 5 minutes, the small outer valve can be used to adjust the degree of firmness to your preference. This takes a matter of seconds. Power deflate is also an option, within a matter of minutes your air mattress can be rolled back into its carry bag and stored away.

This is a fantastic air mattress at a great price, worth keeping in, ‘just in case’.

At a glance

  • 3-year return and refund warranty
  • Comfortably holds up to 660lbs without leaking or deflation
  • Wipe-clean and breathable fabric, tough and durable for a long service life
  • Weighs around 18lbs when packed in its supplied carry bag
  • 40 air-coils allow for high comfort levels
  • Inbuilt inflation and deflation valve. Plug it in and it inflates within 5 minutes
  • The valve fits standard pumps when electricity not available.

Any issues?

  • No automatic stop during inflation so it can’t be left unsupervised

3. Avenco Twin Air Mattress

If you are an outdoor kinda person that often takes to the open road on trips then this could be the ideal camping air mattress for you.

There are 2 adapters supplied, one for the home and another that slots into the cigarette port in your vehicle. Once the inflate button is activated it will take between 2 and 4 short minutes to have the mattress ready for use.

There is even a manual valve so hikers with a good set of lungs can have a comfortable resting place too!

It is twin size so comfortably holds one large adult, up to 440-pounds or 2 children.

This one has a different design, we’re used to seeing air-filled coils but this has wave beams in their place, this keeps the spine aligned and makes for a healthy posture which can only result in a fabulous nights sleep.

The topping has a velvet-like feel which is so inviting, it is stain-resistant and wipes clean simply with a damp cloth.

Deflating is as simple as 1 touch of a button, a few minutes later and it is ready to be rolled away into its own storage bag.

The stylish design and top-quality feel make this a highly attractive air mattress that will match, often improve, the sleep quality that your usual bed gives you.

At a glance

  • Various inflating techniques, built-in charger for the home, car adaptor or manual valve.
  • Wave beam technology offers ultra supported and healthy sleep
  • Sleep quality equal if not better than your real bed, even for users with spinal and neck problems
  • Stain-resistant, simple wipe-clean
  • Ideal for camping
  • Designed with a ledge to keep fitted sheets in place
  • Very fast inflate and deflate

Any issues?

  • This isn’t ideally suited to couples. The same product but Queen-size and with a 660-pound weight capacity is available by following the link

4. Englander First Ever Microfiber AIR Mattress

Just as the title says, this is the first-ever air mattress that you will find made totally from microfiber. This has many benefits including the fact that it is lightweight, less than 13-pounds overall.

Microfiber also has properties that regulate temperature meaning that you will neither overheat nor get too chilled during a night on this air bed.

The fabric also adds strength meaning that punctures and abrasions are kept at bay and the service life of the mattress is greatly extended. So much so that Englander offer an unmatched 5-year warranty!

The 40 coil beam springs offer fully supported nights sleep for up to 300-pounds weight. The extra 4-inches of width over other twin mattresses mean even a large man has plenty of room to spread out.

We love the term ‘cradling comfort’ that Englander use, it conjures up a snug night in bed.

The tough and durable design of this mattress ensures that even people with mobility issues can climb in and out as they would a regular bed, and sleep without a second thought that they’re on a blow-up mattress.

At a glance

  • Total microfiber design for durability, strength, and comfort
  • 4” wider than any competitor, 20” depth
  • Superior 90-second inflation and deflation time via built-in pump
  • Thermo-regulating
  • Excellent support for sleeping and getting in and out of
  • Unparalleled 5-year warranty against defects

Any issues?

  • Only inflation via electricity, no car adapter socket available

5. OlarHike Twin Air Mattress with Electric Pump

OlarHike makes a wide range of air mattresses but this one stands out for 2 main reasons. Firstly, it is a delightful purple color, definitely different from the blue ones we are used to seeing. Secondly, it has a fantastic budget price.

This is a slimmer mattress, at only 9-inches deep it is perfect for camping trips and would fit snugly into a 2-man tent. An adaptor that fits into the cigarette lighter port of your car will see it fully inflated within a couple of minutes.

It is also useful to keep at home for unexpected sleepovers. It is large and sturdy enough to accommodate a 300-pound adult or a couple of kids. Soft flocking not only promises a comfortable sleep but it will also keep the sheets from slipping off.

OlarHike supply a handheld electric power pump that plugs into the wall socket and fills your air bed in less than 2-minutes.

Weighing in at less than 6-pounds and with its own soft pillow, it is hard to see why every home doesn’t have one in their closet.

At a glance

  • Ideal for guests at home or camping trips
  • In-car and electric adaptors supplied
  • 30% thicker than similar mattresses
  • Air-tight and firm
  • Inflates and deflates in less than 2 minutes
  • Suitable for up to 300-pounds
  • Superb budget price

Any issues?

  • Air-pump is not built-in
  • Buyer may prefer a double depth mattress

6. EZ INFLATE Dual Pump Technology Queen air Mattress

Just as the name suggests, this air mattress is incredibly easy not only to inflate but to adjust to the exact firmness that you desire. Using the built-in pump inflates it fully within a few minutes and then the second valve allows you to add extra air for added firmness or to release a little if you prefer a softer sleep.

The non-slip base and sturdy design of this mattress mean that getting in and out is a breeze, it will neither tip nor slide.

The company is proud of the large sleeping surface it offers, you can stretch out over a full 80-inches.  Weight capacity is 600-pounds and the fact that it is so well-supported replicates a night on an expensive memory foam mattress.

Manufactured from thick, non-toxic PVC guarantees that your air bed will last for many years to come.

This is truly a high-quality air mattress at a very competitive price.

At a glance

  • 30 money-back guarantee, 2-year warranty, and lifetime support
  • Weight capacity of 600-pounds
  • Coil beam air pockets for superb comfort and support
  • Built-in pump for fast inflation, valve to adjust to the desired firmness level
  • Durable, eco-friendly, non-toxic PVC construction
  • Supplied with storage bag
  • Waterproof and easy-to-clean

Any issues?

  • You will need an electricity supply to blow this up
  • You will need to inflate your mattress 24-hours before its first use, just to allow the PVC to stretch to its full capacity

7. SoundAsleep CloudNine Series Queen Air Mattress 4.5

We hope you’re sitting down to read this, this is one serious piece of kit.

Fantastically designed, it features unique double pump technology.

Both pumps are internal, the main one is used to inflate the mattress to capacity. The automatic off switch means you can leave it unattended without fear of it exploding!

The secondary pump smartly monitors your chosen air pressure and maintains it. This is achieved by leaving it to run continuously. It is silent and won’t affect your sleep, but it will keep the bed at the exact setting that you chose. This could be plush, medium or firm. It even works if the air bed should get a small puncture!

It has everything that you would expect from a top-of-the-range air mattress, beam comfort coils for a level sleeping surface with superb support, and double-depth dual chambers to trick you into believing that you are sleeping on the highest quality memory foam mattress.

Full inflation takes less than 4-minutes, exactly the same amount of time it takes to deflate it and return it to the carry bag for storing.

It would be the obvious choice to give up your bed to the guests and grab a perfect nights sleep on the SoundAsleep mattress!

At a glance

  • Dual smart pumps ensure constant sleeping surface all night long, no sags, dips or bulges
  • Automatic off switch when air capacity is reached
  • 3 comfort settings
  • Silent running smart motor allows undisturbed, peaceful sleep
  • Exceptionally high-quality product
  • 1-year customer-friendly warranty

Any issues?

  • Suitable for indoor use only
  • It’s quite heavy at around 25-pounds

8. Sable Air Mattress Full Size XL

If your guests are a little on the larger side or even a single person who just likes plenty of space to toss and turn at night then consider this AirMattress from Sable.

It is XL and provides a whopping 54-inches width, that’s enough for 3 grandchildren to snuggle together on!

Its weight capacity is a hefty 600-pounds and it is constructed from thick PVC, thick enough to be sturdy, durable and very puncture resistant.

We love that the i-beam technology offers superior support equally for however many people choose to sleep on it. Not only will your spine be perfectly aligned, but your entire body will also feel well-supported.

The soft top fabric is fine to sleep directly on, it is breathable so doesn’t have to have sheets on.

It is very pleasing on the eye, it’s finished in a classic navy blue that will add luxury to any room.

At a glance

  • XL, full size, 80”x 54”x 18” dimensions
  • Thick, safe PVC provides long service life with puncture resistance
  • Weight capacity 600-pounds
  • Suitable for elderly and young people alike
  • In-built inflator pump that blows to full capacity in around 5-minutes, all hidden neatly within the mattress
  • 30-day refund policy, 30-month warranty
  • Can be inflated via battery pump with valve

Any issues?

  • No car adaptor supplied for non-electric inflation
  • Relatively heavy, in its storage bag it weighs around 22-pounds

9. King Koil California King Luxury Raised Air Mattress 4.4

What do they say about saving the best ‘til last? If this isn’t the best then it is certainly up there with the best of them.

King Koil seems to have designed this air mattress for tall people, or with them in mind at least. It is a whopping 84-inches long so enabling everyone to get a comfortable nights sleep on it. A couple could sleep very soundly on it as it has a 600-pounds capacity.

It looks and feels very sturdy, it is the only air bed to have been endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association for its diligence in proper posture and alignment and recognition of the health benefits of good sleep.

Inflation and deflation are via the internal AC pump, all it takes is 2.5 minutes until it is good to go. Once you’re in bed you can simply press inflate or deflate until you reach your desired comfort level.

The suede-effect top and sides look very classy indeed, it adds comfort and also grips your sheets so that even a fidgety sleeper won’t shift them.

The base also has a gripping capability, even on the slippiest of floor surfaces, it won’t move.

Overall, this is a mightily impressive air mattress that will undoubtedly give its lucky user a sleep fit for a king.

At a glance

  • King-size, very generously proportioned
  • Eco-friendly PVC gives long life span and durability
  • Waterproof, flocked sides and top
  • Integrated pump, from bag to ready in 2.5 minutes
  • Superb support for your spine
  • Easily adjusted to optimum comfort level once you’re in bed
  • 1-year guarantee backed by superior customer service
  • 600-pounds weight capacity, proven not to slump or sag

Any issues?

  • Only that it will take up more storage space than its smaller counterparts

How to patch your air mattress

If you lie down on your air mattress and feel your back touch the ground, then it’s time to find a patch for the mattress. Fortunately, the steps to repair the air mattress are very simple. Here are the steps to patch a hole in an air mattress:

1. Prepare a full range of mattress repair items

Necessary tools: cleaning agent, patch or tape, adhesives, inflatables, soap, water.

2. Look for a torn place

Usually, when the air mattress is flat, we often think that the product has a hole in it. Please hold on. First, check whether the mattress valve’s head is closed tightly. After checking the valve and making sure it is strong and not leaking, move to the next step.

There are many visible holes, but for tiny ones, you need to use soap and water and then look for small bubbles. Dissolve the soap in water, then rub the mixture all over the surface of the product. Where there are bubbles, there will be lots of bubbles. Try to check the entire surface of the product to make sure you do not miss any hole.

3. Clean the punctured surface

For the mattress to be used normally, your patch must be very strong. To do that, mark the location of the hole by using a highlighter on the position, then rinse and wipe the hole location.

Clean and dry the area to be patched: using an alcohol cleanser is a quick and easy way. Wait for the alcohol to evaporate completely for one to two minutes.

4. Stick the patch on the punctured spot

Select the patch that fits the hole size. If the product comes with a patch when you buy it, use that patch to get the best compatibility. If you don’t have the patch, you can use the patch used for bicycles and motorbikes. Apply glue all over the patch surface and around the hole. Wait a few seconds for the glue to dry down (you can blow it to make it dry faster), then stick the patch to the hole and place a heavy object on the patch for about 1 hour to make sure the patch is secure.

5. Check back

After you have patched the hole, make sure the glue is secure. Please inflate your mattress and wait. If your mattress cannot be inflated, check the patch again and check the entire mattress as a first step. If your mattress is no longer down, it means you have succeeded.

To avoid puncturing the air mattress, you should be careful when using it.

  • Do not leave the air mattresses near sharp objects
  • Do not pump excessively and use objects heavier than specified on the product surface
  • Don’t place the mattress in places where the temperature is too high
  • Do not let children play with sharp objects on the air mattresses
  • Do not dance continuously on the air mattress

The steps here will work for most air mattresses. If you carry a patch when traveling, you can take the same steps to repair your mattress. If your mattress comes with a patch kit, use the kit and follow the instructions.

air mattress


Aren’t air mattresses too soft to be conducive to a good nights sleep?

Absolutely not. Maybe many years ago when they had to be pumped up by hand and you hoped for the best, but these are the times of electric pumps that are powered by one touch!

Many of the mattresses have an option to adjust the firmness once the bed has been fully inflated. Either by remote control or via a dial that adjusts the amount of air released or taken in.

It is easy to get the required comfort level whether you prefer a hard or soft bed.

Can I use my regular sheets on my air mattress?

You can. Queen fitted sheets fit a queen bed, some have little indents to stop them slipping too.

Those that have a velvet-like top are also fabulous for not allowing the bed linen to slip.

Don’t air mattresses take an age to deflate properly?

Not anymore. Those with in-built air pumps usually have a switch that you can set to ‘deflate’. This will empty the mattress every bit as quickly as it was inflated.

My cat roams the house, might her claws puncture my air bed?

Sadly that is something that can’t be guaranteed against. However, if you decide on a scratch-resistant, thicker, air bed and if you keep a blanket over it when it isn’t in use, these should hopefully deter it.

All of the air mattresses that we have reviewed come with a puncture repair kit for such eventualities.

Are air mattresses safe for older people?

There is no reason why not. Choose a particularly sturdy one that has a good non-slip base. A double-depth mattress of over 18-inches tall would be ideal as the elderly person can sit safely on the edge before swinging their legs in. Exactly as they would with their normal bed.

Some of the air beds even help with a healthy nights sleep as they hold the perfect posture and spine alignment, your guest may wake up feeling rejuvenated!

Can an air mattress replace my actual bed?

They are not designed for long term use, just occasional.

However, there are many stories of people coming for a night and staying for the summer, so if your air mattress is well-made and durable, and you don’t mind topping the air pressure up every now and again, then there is no reason why it can’t be used for multiple days at a time.


We trust that we have armed you with enough advice and tips to help you to choose one of the best air mattresses for your needs.

Whether you’re having a party, going on a trip or just fancy the idea of having one ‘just in case’, we hope that you enjoy your air mattress for many years to come.

All this talk of beds has left us feeling very sleepy….. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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