10 Best Cooling Mattresses 2019 Reviews

There is nothing so unfortunate as waking up in the middle of your sleep covered in sweat. When you got into your bed, you were just fine, but the mattress you are sleeping on warms up with time. This can be torture for sure. In this review, we will go through our hand-picked product list of the best cooling mattresses on the market. If you are a hot sleeper, then this review is for you.

There are so many things to consider when purchasing a mattress. Beyond its ability or airflow to control the temperature, so this review will also cover a few other essential factors to look out. If you have just begun your mattress search, you should check out the FAQ section, which will answer some of your questions, and help you narrow down your list. Let’s look at the best mattresses for hot sleepers, shall we?

Cooling Mattress

10 Best Cooling Mattresses

Dreamfoam Bedding Arctic Dreams 10-Inch Cooling Gel Mattress4.7
LUCID 10 Inch - Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress4.8
Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress4.5
Classic Brands Cool Gel Ultimate Gel Memory Foam4.8
Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress4.9
Zinus Memory Foam 8 Inch Green Tea Mattress4.6
Modway Aveline 8" Gel Infused Memory Foam Twin Mattress4.9
Tuft & Needle Mattress – Queen4.6
Purple Queen Mattress4.5
Layla Sleep Copper Infused Memory Foam Full Mattress4.8

1. Dreamfoam Bedding Arctic Dreams 10-Inch Cooling Gel Mattress

Enjoy a more comfortable and more relaxed night’s Sleep with the Arctic Dreams gel-infused memory foam (quick response gel). Arctic Dreams memory foam mattresses use advanced viscoelastic foam referred to as energy. Energex offers quick response options that compliment latex material and traditional Visco as compared to a typical Visco memory foam mattresses that have slow recovery time. Its highly cold, responsive, and open polymer structure is meant to provide a better alternative to springs or latex while giving outstanding pressure point relief features that can be found in Visco.

Mattress designed to favor:

  • Budget purchasers that want a mattress made in America
  • Faster shipping in most cases (Amazon Prime members)
  • Those who want neutral-foam, dense feel of their bed
  • Petite – medium body – size
  • Any sleeper types

Does not favor you if:

  • You weigh 250+ lb (Even though Dreamfoam does also manufacture the hybrid model)
  • People who prefer to try out a bed in the store before they can pay for it
  • You are looking for free returns

2. LUCID 10 Inch – Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

This extraordinary LUCID 10″ Aloe Vera and Bamboo Charcoal Hybrid mattress will revolutionize the way you sleep. The temperature-regulating and natural odor-reducing features of memory foam infused with bamboo charcoal added to the relaxing features of aloe vera for luxury at affordable prices. The 3 layers’ foam is supported by 5. 5″ wrapped steel coils individually for a mattress that is soft and is backed with enduring and gentle support.

Mattress designed to favor:

  • People who want to have a memory foam feel
  • If you’re going to choose the firmness degree of their mattress
  • If you are petite – average size sleepers
  • A budget shoppers

Does not favor:

  • Individuals who want a luxury-tier mattress as opposed to just a cheap mattress
  • People who only buy products made in America

3. Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress

The bed-in-a-box sector has consistent policies that are standard. In many cases, the organization will provide a 100-night risk-free trial period, free shipping, a 10-year warranty if you keep the mattress or free returns with a full refund. If you come to a decision that BB Aurora is not for you, it is possible for you to call in the free return and you will be given a full refund. Although if you like the mattress, you then get a back up of 10-year warranty.

Some organizations provide white glove delivery alternative, but Brooklyn doesn’t, which is something common. Maybe a bit surprising, because the Aurora mattress is relatively hefty, and a bit expensive. Brooklyn Aurora comes in a box, just like many mattresses bought online. You have to unbox in a matter of minutes. There can be a bit of new mattress smell which needs to go. This is normal and will happen for whichever mattress you purchase.

Cooling and Design Features of the Aurora

There are 2 kinds of mattresses that you will find out there: Coil and hybrid mattresses and the whole foam mattresses. A hybrid mattress is designed with both foam and coils materials; on the other side, an all-foam mattress is made entirely with foam.

The BB Aurora is a hybrid mattress which cultivates proprietary foam, Energex foam and pocketed coils. Notably, the mattress has 5 layers composed of different materials.

Design breakdown of the BB Aurora mattress

It begins with a 1.5-inch topped layer of Copper Gel Energex foam that has cooling features. This layer is for temperature regulation and pressure relief. The next layer is a 2-inch of a proprietary foam of added comfort, and another 1-inch of proprietary memory-type foam which provides more support and cushion. Under these layers is an 8-inch layer encased coils, which allows for better airflow and provide extra support. Lastly, the mattress is based on a 1-inch layer of high-density foam to give those coils a good foundation and to improve the mattress’s durability.

Overall, the BB Aurora has unparalleled comfort mattress with some specific qualities. It comes in 3 firmness alternatives, which offers you flexibility in terms of getting what fits well with your body. And since it is one of the coolest-sleeping mattresses out there, it is the best for hot sleepers.

4. Classic Brands Cool Gel Ultimate Gel Memory Foam

The latest in gel technology and memory foam, new Sleep Cool Gel Mattress wicks away the heat from the body so that you can be comfortable at night without turning and tossing. Memory foam is infused with Gel particles to help control the mattress’ temperature and also the memory foam conforms to, your body minimizing pressure points in any position that you sleep and commonly aligns the spine. Find out various innovative specialty sleep mattresses from Sleep.

Have a touch of cloud-like luxury plus this 14-inch Mattress. The modern generation of gel technology and memory foam, this product offers incredibly comfortable and a plusher sleeping space. Elegantly detailed and tailored with corded waterfall border knit and contrasting border cover. Get restful nights on this mattress with the understanding it is made out of high-quality materials and not worrying about the cost. Plus, the mattress comes with a bonus included in the memory foam pillow with extra twin long, full or two bonus pillows with a king, queen, California king sizes, queen or plush down-like feel with twin.

This Mattress is meant for comfort & support. Beginning with 2” top layer, that is made up of breathable aerated Cool Gel memory foam mattess that has a quicker recovery factor than the traditional foam and conforms perfectly to your shape. Layer number two of 2″ memory foam used with a 2″ comfort layer (support foam) that provides you the best sleeping encounter. An 8″ layer keeps it effective and strong. They work in tandem to offer you the sleeping experience you so crave for and relaxation while reducing the motion transfer.

5. Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

Add the memory foam’s pressure point relief to the reliable support of a conventional spring mattress, and you get the coveted comfort of a hybrid mattress. A memory foam layer is quilted in the knit, softcover, and put over a 1.5″ comfort foam layer to make an excellent comfortable sleep surface.

The foam takes the shape of unique curves on your body to reduce the memory foam’s pressure points. Under the foam top, 6″ steel coils provide the durability and support of the spring mattress. This design spreads the bodyweight to support and contour during your Sleep. The spring layer offers the conventional bounce like the innerspring mattress and enhances breathability. The mattress is rolled and put in a box for convenient setup and delivery.

Mattress designed to favor:

  • People shopping on a budget and are looking for a coil bed
  • If you sleep on you back, combo and stomach (If you are a side sleeper you will enjoy the 10-inch and 12-inch models)
  • People who like memory foam
  • If you are an Amazon shopper (Linenspa mattress is a best-seller on Amazon)

Does not favor:

  • People who want a luxury mattress
  • Those who only want to buy products made in the USA
  • People who want to test a bed in the store before they can maybe buy
  • Those who can not stand memory foam

6. Zinus Memory Foam 8 Inch Green Tea Mattress

Enjoy the support and comfort of this mattressc. The Memory Foam 8″ Green Tea memory foam Mattress has patterns that it follows to offer comfort with a Pressure Relieving Luxurious Foam layer and a layer of Memory Foam, which takes the natural size and shape of the body. The aerated Highly Dense Support Foam offers long-lasting stability and durability. You have to unbox your mattress from the box within 3 days from the day you receive it and give it 2 days for it to go back to the elegant, original shape.

Mattress designed to favor:

  • Individuals who are looking for a memory foam bed
  • People shopping on a budget
  • Combo and side sleepers
  • If you are an Amazon Prime member (it is a best seller on Amazon)
  • Teens, college students, Airbnb owners, & those looking for a cheap mattress

Does not favor:

  • Individuals that don’t like a viscose, soft memory foam feel
  • Stomach and Back sleepers
  • Heavier People
  • Those looking to buy American-made products

7. Modway Aveline 8″ Gel Infused Memory Foam Twin Mattress

You can now take a deep breath and breath out since you have found the pathway to perfect Sleep with the Aveline 8-inch mattress. This firm queen mattress wicks away body heat and quickly conforms to your position and weight, as it is topped with the gel-infused memory foam to maintain steady body temperature.

Have a peaceful Sleep with the open cell ventilated memory foam solution, which reduces the bounce between 2 sleepers, offers a welcome relief from the pains and aches, and relieves pressure points of traditional queen mattresses. The Aveline mattress is CertiPUR-US certified; you can be guaranteed that the memory foam is designed without ozone depleters, formaldehyde, mercury, or other heavy metals including TDCPP, PBDEs, or TCEP, and low on VOC. This 8″ queen memory foam mattress is rolled to fit into an easily portable box and vacuum-packed.

Mattress designed to favor:

  • People who want pressure relief – Memory foam provides a contouring feeling that takes away stress, leaving you with a lot of peace while resting.
  • People shopping on a budget
  • If you are looking for some motion isolation

Does not favor:

  • Individuals who want the conventional innerspring feel

8. Tuft & Needle Mattress – Queen

The most popular mattress size in the market, queen mattresses offer adequate space for 2 sleepers without eating up the whole room. At 80-inches long and 60-inches wide, you can optimize the space in your room, and you will still have a place for your pet to snag a spot. In case you have a tighter space and still want to spread out, you will be happy you went for a queen mattress.

Mattress designed to favor:

  • This mattress is for everyone, be it homeowners looking to furnish their guest bedrooms, young professionals or college students
  • For all sleeper types (back, side, combo or stomach)
  • Folks who like a neutral-foam, soft feel
  • Medium and Petite sized sleepers
  • If you are a shopper on a tight budget

Does not favor:

  • People who go for this prefer traditional memory foam or innerspring bed
  • It is mostly for heavy people (250+ pounds)

9. Purple Queen Mattress

Purple provides 2 mattresses that are a little different from the typical mattress you will get online or in a store. Both the New Purple and the Purple Mattress utilize a proprietary buckling column gel (referred to as the ‘Smart Grid’) within the comfort layer. It offers a specific feel which is equally cold to sleep on and pressure relieving.

The Original Purple is incredibly breathable and distinctly pressure relieving. The New Purple mattress is rated consistently as one of the most cooling mattresses on the market. Purple’s line of mattresses offers excellent conforming support.

Mattress designed to favor:

  • Reducing pain, providing excellent pressure relief and Highly conforming
  • 2 different products willing to meet every shopper’ preferences
  • Firmness options and Multiple thicknesses
  • Splendid motion isolation
  • Sleeps exceptionally cool
  • Extraordinarily cool

Does not favor:

  • The low profile of Purple mattresses poses’ challenges when getting in and out of bed
  • New Purple mattress has a high price-point
  • Challenging to move and relatively heavy
  • Fair edge support (original purple)

10. Layla Sleep Copper Infused Memory Foam Full Mattress

The Layla Mattress is the only mattress infused with copper; you could flip it to achieve firmness. It is referred to as the Flippable Firmness. A single mattress with 2 firmness levels, means you have 2 opportunities to pick the right fit.

Copper is ideal – Copper sleeps cleaner, is more supportive under deep compression and colder, so you never get up feeling twisted or fatigued.

Mattress designed to favor:

  • People looking for a soft, memory foam touch
  • Those who want alternatives between firmness degrees
  • If you have a medium – petite body size
  • Any sleeper (stomach, back, combo, and side)

Does not favor:

  • People who prefer a more conventional innerspring touch
  • Those looking for a substantial mattress
  • If you are a heavy person

Cooling Mattresses Buying Guide

Cold Sleeping is a huge factor when trying to catch some great sleep. When you are looking to buy a cooling mattress, you must understand what you want and need when it comes to the designs available in the market.

Whether you sleep in a hot attic room or have excellent air conditioning, you should get a mattress that is designed for cooling and offers comfy services to sleep on. The comfort of the bed doesn’t matter when you first lay on, what matters is that you sleep cold, and the mattress does not turn into a nightmare very quickly. It is possible to have Peaceful Sleep when you find the best cooling mattress designed for hot sleepers.

What is it you should look for in a cooling mattress?

There are a wide variety of support cores of cooling mattresses – including latex, foam and innerspring –but what different are the methods used to maintain every type cold.


Even with the d of new materials, metal coils supported core mattresses are still very popular and have the best natural cooling capabilities. This is because air travels freely in the coils, as opposed to being retained in denser materials, like foam.

Even though most of them are topped with comfortable layers of various materials, and you can sleep hot still, depending on the material. Check-out for comfort layers with natural fibers, gel-infused foam or breathable latex to make sure you are benefiting from the innerspring’s cooling abilities.

Memory foam

As a rule of thumb, memory foam mattresses sleep hotter than the other options. The contouring features of memory foam makes some people feel cradled while sleeping on it, but it tends to absorb the heat as well, which could be stifling for hot sleepers individuals.

However, recent memory foam manufacturers responded to the concerns of heat absorption by infusing the foams with some heat-conducting materials and cooling gels, like graphite or copper.


Latex is a poor heat conductor; this is to say it can resist the growing hot or even cold. This is true especially for natural latex, and reduces, even more, when it is blended with synthetic products.

Latex mattresses are usually aerated as you can see from the picture above; this allows for airflow that counteracts the density and enhances the responsiveness of the material.

Cooling materials

Don’t forget that a mattress’ cooling potential is not entirely a function of the support core. A memory foam mattress can sleep cold, and mattress with innerspring can sleep hot. It depends mostly on the materials that are used for comfort layers:

Graphite and Copper: Other mattresses infuse these elements into the foams to diffuse the extra heat. It can be useful, as long as there are sufficient quantities make a noticeable variation in temperature.

Natural fibers: Organic materials like wool, bamboo, and cotton are breathable naturally and wicks away moisture better than synthetic mattress covers and toppers.

Gels: Most cooling mattresses have a layer of foam that is infused with gel that can absorb large quantities of heat. But, others have little amounts of gel in the form of “beads,” that get to their heat absorption capacity quickly and do very little to maintain the mattress cold.

Pros and cons

A cooling mattress can be a good investment that gives you better sleep, or it can be a nightmare which doesn’t live up to its words. The amount of research you’re willing to do for finding the right mattress, and your expectations are the difference is usually what.


  • More restful, comfortable Sleep: If that cooling mattress works as it should, it can improve the quality of Sleep significantly, so you wake up feeling more refreshed.
  • Innovations: With new techniques and materials developed, there has never been a better time to consider a cooling mattress, which offers greater relief compared to the past.
  • Improved durability: These mattresses can take longer than the other options because they stop sleepers from sweating, which could damage the mattress.


  • False advertising: Any mattress can decide that they are “cooling” mattress, so do proper due diligence to differentiate between empty promises and the real value.
  • More expensive: Typically, cooling materials have a higher price
  • Not a cure-all: Individuals who sleep hot consistently, even the most ideal cooling mattress may only be part of the solution, to be used together with the cooling mattress and toppers pillows.

Cooling Mattress FAQ’s

What is a cooling gel?

The gel layer evenly distributed in the core of the buffer is the secret to create the cooling feature for the user. The gel forms a mesh system that transmits and dissipates heat quickly around the buffer and outside the environment.

Can I use a cooling mattress with an electric blanket?

Just as with the conventional mattress, an electric blanket can be used to top the cooling mattress. The electric blanket heat does not affect the cooling potential of the mattress since the outer mattress cover guards the cooling foam layers within.

Can a mattress really-help you sleep cooler?

As the mattress manufacturers battle to get good reviews, they are working round the clock to win over sleepers with enhanced comfort construction as well. This may include building comfortable cooling technology to enable the most comfortable Sleep possible and for a more refreshing sleep.


This review is looking to help you choose the best mattress for any hot sleepers. We began by analyzing what to consider before purchasing a cooling mattress for hot sleepers. Different factors are considered before you can settle on an excellent cooling mattress. These factors may include natural materials, cooling foams, cooling covers, green certifications, sinkage factors, and sturdiness.

As you can all see, a lot goes into determining the ideal mattress for your cooling requirements. Write down the essential factors that you want in your new mattress before you can start shopping for your next sleeping companion. Remember, mattresses are a considerable investment for your well-being, so, don’t shy away from spending the right amount of time and money on getting the best product.

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