Best Cooling Pillow – Top 10 Reviews

We’ve all had days of wasted work, hours of the inability to concentrate at the task at hand and moments of severe stress over not being able to overcome the pounding pain that resides all over our body – all distressing repercussions of a poor night’s rest, especially for those busybodies who cannot afford a day expended in unproductivity. Because of our hectic schedules, we often overlook the simplest factors that may provide the most significant impact on our everyday lives. One of those lies in the pillows that our sleep depends upon, where a poor night’s sleep normally indicates that our current pillows need to be thrown out and replaced with more comfortable and suitable ones. This is where cooling pillows come into hand, as we look at the best cooling pillow available in the market now.

Have you noticed that despite the air conditioner being on full blast, we sometimes still end up waking in the middle of the night doused in sweat? This is because traditional pillows hinder body heat ventilation where in order to cool itself down, the body ends up perspiring profusely. Best cooling pillows, on the other hand, adheres to the body’s needs with the ability to attend to continuous air circulation by absorbing moisture in the body to prevent it from overheating, thus ascertaining a cool and peaceful night’s sleep.

Best Cooling Pillow

How to Choose the Best Cooling Pillow

Ideally, best cooling pillows can alter in types with each catering to individual needs, with the benefits not only being limited to proper air ventilation throughout the body, but also accommodating back sleepers as some pillows are designed to automatically align the spine to its proper position while sleeping. Even more, some specific cooling pillows tone out outside noise at night which will, in the literal sense of the word, provide one with a soundless sleep.

Now, the marketed cooling pillows are largely available in two specific material types – aerated latex and specialty memory foam which are imbued with a gel or graphite to give the cooling feel. Latex is preferable for those wishing to have a bouncier and more elastic feel in their sleeping materials, whereas memory foam conforms to a viscoelastic feel and thus, a higher density than the latex foam.

Furthermore, the internal construction of the pillows can also resemble a difference in comfort levels when sleeping, where some may be designed with a solid aerated piece or a shredded material composition. Another thing to consider when choosing a cooling pillow would be one’s weight and preferable temperature levels along with the type of mattress one uses.

The temperature neutrality in cooling pillows signify that it has the ability to retain body moisture, giving off minimum amounts of exterior body heat in the form of perspiration. In addition to this, cooling pillows also enable a structured sleeping position for the body to adjust to as it realigns the head, neck and shoulders to accede to its proper position. This verifies the potential health benefits that cooling pillows mobilises as latex and memory foam both help with spinal adjustment, reducing possibilities of pain and pressure suffered after a nightlong sleep.

On top of that, despite the lofty prices of such pillows, they are incredibly durable and would last over three to four years of continuous usage.

Top 10 Best Cooling Pillows

Coop Home Goods - Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow4.8
F1F2 Cubes Pillow, Geometric Structured Sleeping Pillows4.7
Relax Home Life - Memory Foam Pillow For Sleeping4.9
PineTales Hybrid Buckwheat Hulls Pillow with Certipur US Shredded Memory Foam4.9
Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-ProForm Luxury King Pillow for Sleeping4.7
Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow Combination4.8
WEEKENDER WKSS30GF Memory Foam Pillow, Standard, Blue4.8
Columbia High Performance Extreme Cooling Memory Foam Pillow, Standard/Queen4.6
PharMeDoc Blue Cooling Memory Foam Pillow Ventilated Hole-Punch Memory Foam4.6
Cool Care Technologies Cooling Pillow Pad - The Gel Cooling Pad Provides Instant Cool Relief4.5

Here is a list of the top ten best cooling pillows ready to be purchased for the comfort of its user.

1. Coop Home Goods – Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow

Made of shredded viscoelastic memory foam with the option to add or remove foam, this brand enables a customisable pillow that allows greater ventilation and proper spinal adjustment while also depleting problems of potential allergens due to it being hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. Furthermore, this pillow is noteworthy for its incredible provision of comfort, leaving even sleepers with problems of insomnia a rest of complete contentment and merriment.

For those particularly picky in their choice of pillows, this one has been reviewed as the most favoured for its customisable options while also making a name for itself in adhering to different sleeping positions, catering to those specifically who are side sleepers or back sleepers. And if that isn’t enough, Coop Home Goods provides one of the most affordable cooling pillows in the market.


  • The covers are easily washable
  • Does not condense much and provides proper air flow
  • Incredibly supportive for any spinal issues
  • Suitable for all types of sleepers
  • Easily accessible fillings that can be adjusted without a hassle


  • Has a very strong chemical smell
  • Shredded foam can feel too bumpy
  • Tends to compress and get clumpy over time

2. F1F2 Cubes Pillow, Geometric Structured Sleeping Pillows

This brand offers two types of cooling pillows in terms of softness, marketing them in the ranges of firm or soft. The physical construction of the pillow is particularly innovative, with 77 separated cubes providing immense adaptability and support as it conforms to whatever head position one sleeps with. The geometrically satisfying structure also helps in improved air ventilation and better thermoregulation, while the memory foam material used in the making of the pillow has passed health certification, allowing this to also be a choice fulfilling health criteria, with reviews praising it to be an instant relief for those suffering from cervical or spinal issues.

Moreover, the light-weight feature makes it more convenient to be carried whenever travelling, saving purchasers from dealing with the unsanitary hotel pillows. It also helps in temperature control by adjusting body temperature to its appropriate level for the utmost comfort.


  • Proper support for the neck and the head
  • Weighs very light and is convenient
  • Can give a refreshing feeling when used
  • Can even solve problems of snoring


  • Potentially not thick enough to support side sleepers
  • Can get a bit uncomfortable to sleep on
  • Easily compressible and thus can flatten quickly

3. Relax Home Life – Memory Foam Pillow For Sleeping

Similar to Coop Home Goods, this brand offers customisable options with the ability to remove foam to adjust the pillow to one’s own preference. However, the difference embarks on this pillow brandishing a bamboo and polyester cover which provides perfect air circulation that lets even your skin get its natural beauty sleep. It contains memory foam that is completely sourced from the United States and provides breathable materials that enable the body to relax completely.

This pillow, in particular, retains the ability to alleviate problems of insomnia, chronic or temporary back and neck pain as well as migraines, with the hypoallergenic feature relieving any possibilities of allergic reactions from its use.


  • Incredibly breathable and provides proper air ventilation
  • Retains its lofty shape throughout use
  • The bamboo cover provides the perfect texture for comfort
  • Keeps the body cool throughout the night
  • Easy to fall asleep quickly on it


  • Can have a slight odour
  • Can be too thick for comfort

4. PineTales Hybrid Buckwheat Hulls Pillow with Certipur US Shredded Memory Foam

Made of one of the rarest materials to be used in the manufacturing of cooling pillows, PineTales offers pillows consisting the material composition of organic buckwheat, where the exclusive structure of buckwheat hull provides enhanced air circulation. Its thermostatic feature allows the body to regulate its temperature while even providing suitable conditions for sensitive skin by letting it breathe.

Due to the use of buckwheat in its making, the pillow comes out as unbeatable in its cervical and spinal support, providing comfort of immense levels. The only feature of discontentment would be the slippery bamboo material in its covering which is easily replaceable and thus, marking this pillow as a definite for the provision of extreme comfort while sleeping.


  • Instant relief for neck or back pain
  • Bamboo cover gives it a luxurious look
  • Waterproof covering allowing it to be used in every circumstance
  • Less dense than other types of cooling pillows
  • Provides a strong and firm support


  • It is too expensive and can go out of a budgeted range
  • There could be more filler in the pillow
  • Can be difficult to sleep on

5. Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-ProForm Luxury King Pillow for Sleeping

This pillow is loftier in its size, being made of pressure-relieving materials that have been designed by NASA itself. The innovative technology offers personalised comfort and adaptability to support any sleeping position and perfect the body to its appropriate position. It even adjusts the pillow to suit to its sleeper’s weight, shape and body temperature, making it ideal for almost every sleeper, but especially so for side sleepers.

The fabric itself is also perfectly washable and guarantees 5 years of usage without the pillow ever flattening or losing its vigorous shape.


  • Ideal for back sleeper and people with mid-sized height
  • Very soft and fluffy
  • Provides incredible support for the head
  • Proper amount of compression, making it neither too hard nor too soft.


  • The loftiness of the pillow can be too high for comfort
  • Possible to make the neck sore from use
  • Can be worn out from use and thus isn’t durable

6. Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow Combination

Made of shredded memory foam, this pillow is the perfect comfort partner for it provides instant relief to any issues relating to the spine, shoulder and neck. It can even lessen the pain from vertebrate dislocation by giving proper orthopaedic support. It also doesn’t hold a hard shape but is notably fluffy and snuggly, as the name itself suggests.

Devoid of any chemical substances in its making, this pillow ensures a healthy sleep with the skin being able to breathe through the enhanced air ventilation system. In addition, the newest product includes a zipper removable outer cover to allow adjustment of size and comfort.


  • Alleviates any chronic or temporary pain
  • Provides proper head support
  • Suitable for side sleepers
  • Is also quite pressure relieving


  • Can be too bulky to use at first
  • Adjustment of foam can be a hectic process
  • Tends to lose its loftiness over time

7. WEEKENDER WKSS30GF Memory Foam Pillow, Standard, Blue

Compressed for convenience, this pillow offers a soft gel infused memory foam that enables supreme comfort for the head, neck and shoulders when sleeping. It maintains pressure-relieving support and temperature adjustment while also catering to side, back and stomach sleepers. Using Pincore technology, this cooling pillow provides a good amount of ventilation while making sure the body doesn’t get too hot at night. Due to its light weight design, it is easily foldable to take anywhere one wishes, making it a first choice for those constantly on the move, especially in areas that have drastic changes in temperature.


  • Has a temperature neutral feature to disperse body heat properly
  • Comfortable due to the fluffiness of the pillow
  • Allows proper spinal alignment
  • Weighs very little and thus can be easily carried


  • Possibility of it flattening after some time of use
  • Lacks firmness which can be distressing for some sleepers
  • Has a strong chemical odour

8. Columbia High Performance Extreme Cooling Memory Foam Pillow, Standard/Queen

Columbia separates itself from the market of cooling pillows by specialising in technologically innovative cooling materials, with their advanced memory foam pillow offering the ultimate luxury of a good night’s sleep. It provides an absolute air circulation and a side that stays consistently cool. The bottom of the pillow also retains the same level of coolness due to the Omni-Freeze technology used by the manufacturers, giving a perfectly balanced temperature allowing a very peaceful sleep.

Moreover, the medium level of firmness ensures that the pillow retains its lofty size even after years of use, with a guaranteed support of 5 years.


  • Very comfortable for use
  • Gives a proper night’s sleep
  • Relieves pain from people suffering cervical problems


  • Tends to simply soak up heat which makes the pillow itself hot after use
  • Provides ill support for the neck

9. PharMeDoc Blue Cooling Memory Foam Pillow Ventilated Hole-Punch Memory Foam

The blue colour of the cooling pillow is not only designed to present one with the feeling of comfort, but is supplemented with a temperature regulating cooling gel that adheres to each of the body’s needs of comfort. The hole imprinted structure of the body of the pillow enables the dispersion of body heat which allows minimal perspiration and keeps the sleeper in a state of complete comfort.


  • Has a very cooling and unorthodox colour
  • Not too expensive in relation to other cooling pillows
  • Relieves pain, such as neck or shoulder discomfort


  • Not properly supportive of the back
  • Very strong emission of odour

10. Cool Care Technologies Cooling Pillow Pad – The Gel Cooling Pad Provides Instant Cool Relief

This pillow has the uniquely built in pressure activated gel pad that produces an instant sensation of relief for a limited period of time. It is an ideal use for those suffering from migraines, hot flashes, headaches and even menopause where the body temperature goes uncannily overheated, thus making it an absolute necessity to use this for the body to regain its natural temperature. This is especially useful for a quick nap to relieve one of any pain issues in the back, neck and shoulders, with the cooling technology automatically recharging within 15-20 minutes after use.


  • Convenient to use because of its compact size
  • Self rechargeable by cooling itself soon after use
  • Initially gives off a very cool feeling of comfort
  • Helps people suffering from hot flashes or menopause


  • Can only stay cool for a certain period of time
  • Not suitable for nightlong sleep
  • Can turn incredibly hot after some time of use

Frequently Asked Questions

Should a pillowcase be used on a cooling pillow?

To maintain the air ventilation system of the cooling pillow as well as to ensure that the pillow is kept clean and protected, pillow cases of a breathable and waterproof fabric should be kept on.

Why should cooling pillows be used?

Cooling pillows generally help with balancing the body temperature to its appropriate level. Prevents one from getting hot flashes or sweating profusely during the night. It also helps with recovering from insomnia and overcoming migraines.

What sizes can cooling pillows be available in?

Cooling pillows can be found in a number of different sizes, ranging from Standard, Queen size and King size.

Are cooling pillows washable?

Yes, cooling pillows are washable but it is preferable to read the instructions before washing them as each has its own criteria of maintenance.


Thus, the best cooling pillows are ideally a way to maintain a comfortable and healthier lifestyle for it encourages the body to be more active in the way that it reenergises the bodily system through a well-rested night, making it a priority for those who seek to be more efficient in their everyday work as a good sleep is paramount for better productivity.

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