10 Best Down Pillows Reviews 2019

Cuddly, light, and moldable – down pillows are everything that can redefine comfort while sleeping. These super cushiony pillows are loved by people all across the globe. Down pillows are made by using ultra-soft under-feathers of ducks and geese as pillow-fills, which can be adjusted to get the right support and enjoy a sound sleep. Besides the softness and cushioning perks, these pillows boast a luxe appeal and stay fluffy for a long time, which makes them an ideal addition to modern homes.

If you are planning to discover and buy the best down pillows, this post will prove to be of great help. Stick around and know which down pillows are ideal to buy this 2019. However, before jumping into that, let’s find out how to cherry-pick a perfect down pillow.

best Down Pillows

How to Choose the Best Down Pillows

Today, the market is filled with both high-quality and cheap down pillows. When asked, one can’t differentiate between a regular pillow and down pillow. Both types of pillows look alike; however, when you touch a down pillow, you’ll find why these are a preferable pick.

Down pillows are made of the back, wings, and chest feathers of ducks and geese which make them much softer and cuddlier than a normal pillow. The best ones (which you should invest in) are made goose/duck down, while the cheap ones are a mixture of feathers and soft interior plumage.

Choosing the perfect down pillow is important and comes with a lot of considerations, some of which are listed below.

The “Fill Power”

Down pillows providers recommend choosing down pillow with high fill power. High-quality down pillows have higher fill numbers as compared to low quality down pillows. A standard quality fill has around 600 fills, while a high quality down pillow can have 800 fill number.

Right Shell

Pillow covers can tell a lot about the quality and durability of down pillows. If the pillow shell is made of poor quality fabric or has loose weaves, the fill may come out of it. While at the same time, dust and skin oil may seep into the down, ruining it inside out. When selecting the down pillow, buy the one with a smooth shell. Additionally, cotton fabric shells are more comfortable in feel and last longer.

Sleeping Habit

When choosing a down pillow, one must never overlook their sleeping preferences and habits.

  • For stomach sleeper:  If you are a stomach sleeper, look for a soft pillow. A soft pillow will lightly support your head, and it won’t strain your neck by lifting your head too high. It is advised to go for a down pillow that is cushy and supportive enough to prevent your neck from straining.
  • For Back Sleepers: For those who sleep on their back, it is suggested to invest in a down pillow that has medium softness. Although soft pillows are appropriate for stomach sleepers, back sleepers require more neck and back support to keep their head upraised.
  • For Side Sleepers: People who sleep on their sides should choose a firm pillow as they provide proper support to the head, shoulder, and neck.

Top 10 Best Down Pillows

If you are keen to buy the best down pillows, here is our list that is likely to help you make a wise purchase.

Continental Bedding P550-2-K White Goose Down Luxury Pillow4.8
The Original Queen Anne Pillow - 100% Down Pillow4.7
Coozii Goose Down Pillows4.7
Lincove 100% Goose Down Luxury Sleeping Pillow4.9
puredown Natural Goose Down Feather White Pillow Inserts4.8
Royal Hotel's Down Pillow4.7
Luxuredown Feather and Down Pillows4.7
East Coast Bedding European 800 Fill Power White Goose Down Pillow4.9
Continental Bedding White Goose Down Sleeper4.9
ComfyDown Goose Down Sleeping Pillow4.9

1. Continental Bedding P550-2-K White Goose Down Luxury Pillows

Pamper yourself with Continental Bedding P550-2-K White Goose Down Luxury Pillow. This super luxurious down pillow is made with fine quality goose down.

The down pillow has 550 fill power and comes with a cotton cover making it ideal for a comfortable sleep. Large in size and soft in feel, they are perfect for those who prefer to sleep on their sides or stomach. Besides being big in size, these pillows are hypoallergenic and ideal for those who have allergies.


This offering from Continental Bedding is entirely manufactured in the USA. It is filled with 27 oz. White Goose Down and has 550 Fill Power making it soft and cozy to sleep on. The product is marked as hypoallergenic, which makes it usable for even those who have complaints of allergies.


Although the pillow looks firm, it is 100% down and super comfy to use. As luxurious as it looks, the product is made to last longer. If used with care, the pillow will last for years.

Thread Count

This pillow has a thread count of 300 and comes with 100% cotton cover.


  • Reasonable price against the features it offers
  • Made of high-quality 100% white goose down
  • Luxurious feel


  • The pillow flattens quickly
  • It needs to be fluffed up regularly

2. The Original Queen Anne Pillow – 100% Down Pillow

This down pillow by Queen Anne Pillow Company is a 100% Goose down hand filled to offer authenticity with luxury. Given how rich they look and feel, they are used by Marriott, New York Palace, Hilton Hotels, and Celebrity Cruise Lines. Each pillow is designed and detailed to offer comfort and a taste of a refined lifestyle. The pillows are manufactured in South Carolina with ethically sourced high-quality French White Goose Down.


The pillow is a soft fill 17-ounce pillow with 100% cotton-made cover for extra lux and comfy feel. This down pillow has high-quality down and no feathers mixed with it and offers 650 fill power.


Given it is hand-filled with authentic down from French White Goose and comes with a cotton cover weaved for lasting durability, the pillow is sure to last for decades. The company also provides its patrons a 30-day satisfaction guarantee making it a more viable choice.

Thread Count

The down pillow has a thread count of 330 and piped with the brand’s distinct purple edges.


  • The down pillow comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Made of 100% Europeon Breast Down
  • It is hypoallergenic


  • It is priced high

3. Coozii Goose Down Pillows

Sleeping on Coozii goose down pillows is like literally sleeping on the clouds.

The company offering these down pillows has the vision to offer people a healthy and natural sleep. Each of their down pillows come with Egyptian Cotton and feature a unique design. It comes in queen size and is suitable for a comfortable sleep. The outer layer of the pillow is filled with 100% goose down while the inside is filled with 85% feather and 15% goose down.

The product is certified DOWNPASS, IDFL, and OEKO-TEX, which indicates its being hypoallergenic and healthy.


The unique design and structure of the pillow offer sleepers support to make them feel comfortable while sleeping. It is ideal for back and stomach sleepers.


This imported Egyptian Cotton covered down pillow comes with 30 days money-back guarantee, assuring that the product is durable, of high-quality, and has value for money.

To make the pillow last longer, you can use pillow covers to keep it clean and protect from damage. Also, to keep the pillow fresh and fluffy, put it in sunlight on once in a while.

Thread Count

The down pillow has a 1200 thread count, which makes it highly rich in look and feel. In spite of being 100% down pillow, it is still priced on the lower side.


  • Fairly Priced for the value it offers
  • Has an Egytian Cotton cover
  • Seller offers 30-day money-back guarantee
  • DOWNPASS, IDFL, and OEKO-TEX certified pillow


  • Need extra care to keep the pillow fluffy

4. Lincove 100% Goose Down Luxury Sleeping Pillow

Lincove has been at the forefront of offering best-in-class down pillows since long. Their pillows are not only superior in quality but are also RDS certified. This ensures that the down used as fill for the pillows are sourced ethically, without harming any animals. The pillows offered by the brand has a high standard fill power of 800, making it an apt choice for those wanting a cozy and uninterrupted sleep.


These down pillows are known for offering superior comfort and unparalleled ease to the neck and head. These pillows are ideal for all kinds of sleepers and ensure them a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep every time.


The pillow covers are 100% cotton – no wonder they are soft on the skin and comfortable to sleep on. Lincove manufactures some of the best quality down pillows that can go on for years to come. Each of the down pillows they make is a masterpiece in itself.

If you are not satisfied with the pillow, you can return the product as the company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Offers great support to the neck and back
  • RDS certified pillow
  • Comes covered in 100% cotton shell
  • Comes with 100% money back warranty


  • Doesn’t come with a pillow protector
  • It is medium-soft

5. puredown Natural Goose Down Feather White Pillow Inserts

Puredown Natural White Goose Down Feather Cool-Down Pillow is one of the highly popular down pillows.

As per the company, the downs and feathers used for the pillows are disinfected before being filled. The down & feathers used for the pillows are odorless, recyclable, and light in weight. The brand is known to offer some of the fluffiest and soft down pillows helping their users sleep better.

As compared to other down and feather pillow available, Puredown pillows stay fluffy for a longer duration. You can discover a wide range of pillows from the brand and pick the ones whose dimensions and designs sync with your personal preferences.


Puredown pillows are designed specifically to address the needs of a hot sleeper. The cool-down ice silk cover is not only luxurious to sleep on, but it is comfortable for humid nights.

Besides being squishy, the pillowcase has unique piping in blue, which makes it classy in appearance. To ensure that down and feathers don’t shed, the cover of the pillow has a single invisible needle stitch. The pillows have a fill capacity of 32 oz. down making it suitable for all kinds of sleepers.


The product is quite promising, the use of high quality down and feather offers the pillow extra life and extra comfort to the users.


  • Given the quality it offers, it is priced reasonably
  • Comes with a pillow protector to ensure long life of the product
  • Comes with two covers making it fit for allergic people


  • Doesn’t come with any warranty

6. Royal Hotel’s Down Pillow

For those of us who yearn for a 5-star hotel like luxurious sleep, there can be no better choice than the Royal Hotel’s Down Pillow. The pillow comes in standard, queen, and king sizes and promises a comfortable good night’s sleep.


Royal Hotel’s down pillows are firm enough to offer the support needed for the back and neck while sleeping while being soft enough that the head doesn’t sink in the pillow. The medium firmness of this down pillow is apt for people who suffer from neck and backache when sleeping. The pillow fill is a mixture of 90% white down, which are hand plucked and 10% feathers, which are small and super soft.


Royal Hotel’s Down Pillow has mastered the craft of creating durable and extra-long lasting down pillows. When delivered, the pillows are factory sealed in zipped bags. The down used for the pillows are disinfected to ensure they are usable even after years.

Thread Count

The cover that comes with the down pillow is 100% cotton shell with 500 thread count. The cotton cover adds to the royalty of the down pillow.


  • Downs used to fill the pillow are disinfected and purified
  • Suitable for those sensitive to down or feathers
  • The pillow is soft and comfortable to sleep on


  • Can only be dry-cleaned

7. Luxuredown Feather and Down Pillows

The Luxerdown Feather and Down Pillows are manufactured in the USA and come in standard, queen, and king size to cater to a wide range of users. The down fills are goose down instead of duck down, which makes it more luxurious and appealing to use.


Given the high ratings and reviews on the pillow, it is safe to say that many users find it comfortable as compared to other down pillow choices.

When it comes to down or feather pillow, many people are concerned about allergies. However, Luxerdown Feather and Down Pillows are completely hypoallergenic, which means they can be used by allergic users as well without worry. From the reviews, it is suggested that the pillow is 100% white goose down and has 650 fill power. This down pillow is a medium-firm pillow making it the best choice for back and side sleepers.


Besides being rich in appearance and superior to feel, these down pillows are made to stay for a long duration.

Thread Count

This down pillow comes covered in a 100% cotton shell and has 330 thread count.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Comes in a wide range of sizes and dimensions
  • Have a rich look and feel to it
  • Made of 100% goose down


  • It is a medium-firm pillow

8. East Coast Bedding European 800 Fill Power White Goose Down Pillow

Made exclusively in the US, East Coast Bedding European is one down pillow you can count on for a sound and peaceful sleep.

For those who are looking for the softest down pillow to sleep, this pillow from East Coast Bedding is a perfect offering. The down pillow has 800 fill power with makes it a high standard down pillow and a sateen shell which gives it a regal touch. But the ultimate goal of this down pillow is to offer a revitalizing sleep to its users, every night. The pillows come in Standard, Queen, King sizes and fill capacity of 20 oz., 25 oz., and 28 oz.


These premium quality goose down pillows adorns perfect design and impeccable quality, making them an excellent choice for those looking for a quality sleep experience. The goose down fills make these pillows luxuriously comfortable to sleep on. The pillow shell, which is made up of 100% cotton, adds to its regal charm and coziness it offers.


The superior quality goose down used in the pillow adds to its sustainability and longevity. The 100% cotton case it comes with again offers the pillow a longer usage time and ensures it stays fluffy and squishy even after years of use.

Thread Count

With 400 thread count and 100% cotton shell, be assured of endless restful nights.


  • Offers optimum support and comfort
  • It is hypoallergenic
  • The pillow is available in three sizes


  • There is no warranty mentioned

9. Continental Bedding White Goose Down Sleeper

Get just pure comfort with White Goose Down Sleeper by Continental Bedding. One of the highest-rated down pillows in our list, the product is very promising and an absolute must-have.

Continental Bedding is known for making Supreme quality, super soft down pillows that provide maximum comfort and quality since the start of their business. All the pillows coming from the brand are made in the USA and are RDS certified.


These down pillows are filled with some of the finest qualities of white goose down and designed to offer optimum comfort to the stomach, back, and side sleepers.
The down pillow has 550 fill power, which makes it a medium firm but is yet fluffy and light in weight. The pillow is super soft and has luxurious warmth to it. The best part about this down pillow is that it is certified as hypoallergenic and can be used by those who are allergic to feather or down.


The thread count of 400, and a medium-firm built of this down pillow makes it favorable for more extended usage.

Thread Count

The pillow has a thread count of 400 and the cover is made up of 100% Egyptian cotton.


  • Made of 100% Hungarian White Goose Down
  • The pillow is hypoallergenic
  • Offers superior quality goose down


  • The pillows are expensive

10. ComfyDown Goose Down Sleeping Pillow 4.4

Any sleeper you may be, the ComfyDown pillow will ensure you have no sleepless night.

ComfyDown promises to offer a smart and comfy solution to all the trouble one might be experiencing while sleeping. The down pillows are filled with high-quality European goose and are hypoallergenic besides being super comfortable. Do note that these down pillows are not vacuum packed, which means it will never lose its fluffy texture and shape. They are also machine washable and allergy-free.


Adding a touch of luxury to this supreme quality down pillow, the smooth Egyptian cotton shell perfectly complements the comfort it gives. What makes this down pillow a perfect choice of all is that it can be customized and per the sleeping needs and habits of a user.

The perfect 650- Fill Power ensures the pillow is breathable and convenient to be used by all.


The down-proof stitching that is done of the Egyptian cotton cover not only gives the pillow a rich feel but also adds to its long life. Being machine washable, you can use it carefreely for years on end. Additionally, the pillows with 90 days product replacement guarantee.

Thread Count

The thread count of this down pillow is 300, which comes with quality stitch.


  • Made of high-quality European Goose Down
  • Machine-washable
  • Has a Egyptian Cotton cover for luxe appeal
  • The pillow is breathable
  • It is made of hypoallergenic material
  • Comes with a 90-days product replacement guarantee


  • It is priced high

Down Pillows

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Down Pillow constitute of?

The pillow fill of down pillows are the down feathers of ducks and geese. Contrary to wings and back feathers, down feathers are delicate, fluffy to feel, and extremely lightweight. They are a good heat insulator and an apt choice for a cozy slumber.

In the market, one can find pure down pillows or down blend pillows. Down blend pillows have a mix of down and feathers. For a pillow to be marked as q down pillow, it must contain at least 75% of down. Pillows with less than 75% down are sold as feather pillows.

Pure or 100% down pillows are at higher price range than feather or down blend pillows.

Apart from down blend pillows, another type of down pillows are available in the market which are made up of polyester fibers. These are called down alternative as they offer down pillow-like softness and comfort. Besides offering down like finesse, they are cheaper and non-allergic.

Which Sizes Are Available for the Best Down Pillows?

Down pillows are available in:

Standard Size: Standard size is the most common pillow size. These pillows are short and compact and are lower in price.

Super Standard Size: This pillow size is perfect for those who find standard pillows too small to fit their head on. The size of the super standard pillow is around two inches longer than the standard ones.

Queen Size: Pillows marked as queen-size are longer than standard pillows and has more room to toss and turn.

King Size:  It is slightly longer than the queen size and offers enough space to move head through the night. If you prefer sitting on the bed while watching TV or working on the laptop, the king-sized pillow will serve you well.

Euro Size: Unlike standard pillows which are rectangular in shape, Euro-size pillows are square in shape. They come in a wide range of sizes to meet the needs of a sleeper. They are suitable to use as backrests and headrests.

Who should use Down Pillow and who should not?

A down pillow is suitable for those:

  • Who prefer to sleep on their back or side as down pillow offers proper support to the back and neck.
  • Who have average below-average weight.
  • People who heat up while sleeping. Since down pillows are heat insulator, they prevent heat retention.
  • Who like snuggling the pillow while sleeping.

A down pillow is not suitable for those:

  • Sleep on their stomach.
  • Who above-average weight as such people find high-loft pillows more comfortable and supportive.
  • Who are allergic to down or feathers.


We hope our list of the 10 best down pillows will help you make an informed choice. Feel free to explore more options and find a down pillow that allows you to enjoy a sound sleep. If you want to add a few more names that are the best, feel free to leave your views in the comments!

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