10 Best Memory Foam Pillows 2020 Reviews

Generally, many believe that having backache is part of real-life; however, life is not designed in that way. When having a long night, it doesn’t mean that you should be feeling the effects of the muscles ache or backache or headache. With the designed and the things that memory pillow entails, you will begin to experience and understand the difference in the way you are sleeping and the way you feel as you journey through your daily life. The best solution for you to be comfortable in your sleeping is to have an idea of what memory foam is all about.

A memory foam pillow is a special pillow produced through the combination of foamed polyurethane with certain chemicals. A memory pillow possesses great qualities, such as the matrix through which air and bubbles can pass through in the cells. A lot of buyers have therefore raved about it to anyone who cared to listen. These pillows come in beautiful bedroom designs, are extremely comfortable and are even recommended for some sleeping disorders.

Although, due to the inflated expense of the item, memory foam was not generally recognized; nevertheless, the aptitude to give comparative value foam for a share of the price has brought memory foam in to the public market.

Best Memory Foam Pillows

How to Choose the Best Memory Foam Pillow?

We all have choices and what works best for a friend or neighbor may not be it for us. Our consideration of best runs wide. Consider that there are hundreds of memory foam pillows available for sale these days and you start to understand how difficult it can be to select the best memory foam pillow. In the considerations below, however, we make it impressively simple to pick the best memory foam pillow.


Isn’t this plain obvious? There are several types of memory foams with each specifically for a certain purpose. In selecting the best memory foam pillow for you then, you must go with the type that meets your needs. The types of memory foam pillows are briefed below:

  • Gusset Pillows provides raised support to the body due to its shape, hence making it apt for side sleepers.
  • Dual-sided pillows, suitable for sleepers who lie on the stomach due to the customizable sleeping surfaces.
  • Contour pillows, best recommended for sleepers with neck and shoulder pains. They are stylish in appearance and are very supportive to the head, making them ideal for easing pressure on the head.
  • Classic pillows, intended for all sleepers, either side or with neck or shoulder aches. They are comfortable for all positions.


As always, making a pick goes in hand with price. You are advised to consider all picks using the price factor. You’ll usually find an overpriced pillow as well as an under-priced one. You should, however, note that cheap is not usually quality. Picking the best memory foam pillow based on price and lies on many factors, such as the affordability, foam density, manufacturer’s image and quality of covering material.


At all times, you are recommended to pick a pillow whose shape fits your sleeping personality. Your sleeping position and manners play a cognitive role in the ideal shape of your memory pillow. Sometimes, especially when the sleeping personality does not matter, your choice and personal taste are the defining priorities.


Memory pillows are made of two foam types: the standard and shredded foam. Usually, the standard foam feels too hard for some people and may therefore not provide adequate support while the shredded foam is softer, has better ventilation and is produced from viscoelastic. The choice depends on your preference.


This is a critical consideration. The fill of a memory foam pillow plays a major determinant in its durability and comfortability. Foams are normally used in varying degrees proportional to the intended level of firmness. Regardless of the fill used, however, a good memory foam pillow should last for more than 2 years with its elasticity intact.

Pillow Cover 

Usually, all memory foam pillows have removable pillow covers. These covers can be unzipped and often come in beautiful designs. Most times, you tend to find cotton covers but the ones produced from bamboo are the best. Buying an extra pillow cover is therefore not compulsory but voluntary, especially if you want to avoid having stains on the pillow. Choosing the best memory foam pillow based on this should be on the ease of washing and comfortability.

Sleeping Position

This cannot be ignored. It is best to buy a pillow that is specifically designed for your sleeping position. A person who sleeps on his back would be most comfortable with a flat pillow while a firmer pillow is best for a side sleeper. However, the best memory foam pillows are suitable for all sleeping positions and we recommend them as the ideal picks.

Guarantee and Warranty

This consideration is often overlooked despite its significance. A company with a long guarantee period has trust in its products and should be selected above one with short guarantee periods. Therefore, when shopping for the best memory foam pillow, choose one with a long guarantee period as well as the warranty.

Top 10 Best Memory Foam Pillows

Milemont Memory Foam Pillow, Bed Pillow for Sleeping4.8
Miloment Cervical Memory Pillow, Standard Size4.8
Dream Rite Shredded Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Pillow4.9
Wonwo Memory Foam Pillow4.8
Sable Pillow for Sleeping, Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam4.5
SWTMERRY Memory Foam Pillow4.6
Wonwo Memory Foam Pillow, Orthopedic Contour Cervical Sleeping Pillow4.6
F1F2 Side Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow4.7
Coop Home Goods Memory Foam Body Pillow4.6
UTTU Sandwich Memory Foam Pillow, Adjustable Firm Pillow4.7

Our top ten picks are made based on practical usage as well as the reviews given by neutral customers.

1. Milemont Memory Foam Pillow, Bed Pillow for Sleeping

The Milemont memory foam pillow is extravagantly designed for maximum pleasure and comfort. It is suitable for all sleepers: side, back, and chest. With this foam, your sleep can hardly go wrong.


  • Dual side covers
  • Produced from premium Air Cell technology gel memory foam that promotes airflow to avoid overheating
  • 50% ice fabric + 50% polyester on a side, creating a very silky and soft feel for cool summer sleep
  • 65% polyester + 35% Tencel on the other side for warm winter
  • Zipper design
  • Not washable by machine
  • Adaptive support to body weight

2. Miloment Cervical Memory Pillow, Standard Size

This foam is therapeutic in design. This makes it adaptable to all sleepers, providing the head, neck, and shoulder with support and comfort. You have the choice of the higher or lower level contour, depending on what is best for you.


  • All sleepers supported (side, chest or back)
  • Aircell-Tech Gel-infused Memory Foam for inner fill
  • 65% Polyester + 35% Tencel for outer cover
  • Double pillowcase design
  • Higher and lower contour levels
  • Ergonomic comfort due to therapeutic design
  • Standard, perfect size
  • Not washable by machine
  • Adapts to weight and position

3. Dream Rite Shredded Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Pillow

Think of unparalleled support and comfort for your head, neck and shoulder and you have the Dream Rite Shredded Hypoallergenic memory foam. This foam has been designed to suit perfectly all sleepers. In fact, to many, it is the new innovative way of enjoying sleep.


  • Machine washable, unlike other memory foams
  • Removable memory foam allowing the customization of pillow’s softness
  • Hypoallergenic, preventing you from termite dust
  • One year warranty
  • Zipper cover
  • 40% Viscose Rayon (from Bamboo) and 60% Polyester pillow cover
  • Inner fill made of 80% shredded memory foam and 20% Polyester Fiber

4. Wonwo Memory Foam Pillow

This foam is expertly designed for optimal comfort and support. It is suitable for all sleeping positions and supportive to the head, neck and shoulder. With Wonwo memory foam pillow, your dreams are sure to come true. This memory foam pillow ensures that you never complain of body aches anymore.


  • Perfect for all sleeping positions
  • Adapts to body weight for adequate support
  • Cool and comfortable
  • Exclusive air ventilation structure
  • Customizable filling
  • Removable cover
  • Machine washable

5. Sable Pillow for Sleeping, Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam

Sable never disappoints. This is evident in its shredded memory foam pillow. This ergonomic pillow is an innovative, high-quality product that gives you one of the best sleeping experiences you’ll ever get. These pillows conform to the shape of your head and is able to keep your back aligned.


  • Adjustable loft, 3 zipper designs
  • Machine washable and tumble dry
  • Adjustable filling
  • Made without harmful substances like formaldehyde, mercury, and other heavy metals
  • External bamboo fiber pillowcase
  • Ideal for all sleeping positions
  • Fabric material of 40% Bamboo & 60% Polyester

6. SWTMERRY Memory Foam Pillow

The SWTMERRY Memory Foam Pillow is one of your best bet for comfort and support. With this foam, your sleeping experience is always perfect. It is also suitable for all sleepers, including side, back and chest sleepers.


  • Soft and comfortable shredded foam
  • Fully customizable to fit your sleeping personality
  • Good supportive design
  • Machine washable
  • Bamboo gotten rayon design to keep the material constantly cool
  • Pillow cover is made of 60% polyester and 40% bamboo derived rayon

7. Wonwo Memory Foam Pillow, Orthopedic Contour Cervical Sleeping Pillow

This orthopedic pillow is breathtaking. It is fantastic for treating neck or back pain and can also be used for a massage. With the Wonwo Cervical Orthopedic memory foam pillow, you are assured of an excellent sleeping personality. The pillow is also suitable for all positions.


  • Cervical contour
  • Massage bed support design
  • Neck support
  • Machine washable
  • Breathable fabric
  • Removable pillowcase
  • Adjustable filling
  • Customizable to fit weight and position

8. F1F2 Side Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow

Well, meet the world’s first geometric structure pillow. This pillow is made up of more than 70 cubes that provide you with the most restorative stage of sleep. According to many, the F1F2 memory foam pillow has redefined the art of sleeping. Now, you can have the most enjoyable sleeping periods of your life.


  • Unique cube design
  • Switchable between firm and soft depending on your needs
  • Zero gravity memory foam, causing the pillow to automatically adjust itself to your sleeping position
  • Regulates heat and controls odour
  • Unique air ventilation structure
  • Designed to keep your pathways open
  • Sponge pad and extra pillowcase included
  • Made from Polyurethane 100% fabric

9. Coop Home Goods Memory Foam Body Pillow

The Coop Home Goods memory foam pillow is one of most reliable memory foams. With it, you are assured of long sleeping hours. It also aligns with the spine to some extent, making it, to a degree, appropriate for all sleeping positions.


  • Traditional design
  • Fully customizable to your needs
  • Spine alignment design
  • Made of shredded visco elastic foam
  • Machine washable
  • Adapts to weight and position
  • Adjustable firmness and softness
  • Cozy, comfortable and exquisite texture

10. UTTU Sandwich Memory Foam Pillow, Adjustable Firm Pillow

The UTTU Memory Foam Pillow is one of your best bet for pleasure and support. With this adjustable foam, your sleeping experience is ever perfect. It is also suitable for all sleepers, including side, back and chest sleepers.


  • Sandwich design
  • Cervical contour support
  • Neck support for back, side and chest sleepers
  • Removable pillowcase
  • Fully adjustable filling and fitness
  • Made from bamboo combined with visco rayon

Memory Foam Pillow


Are all memory foam pillows adjustable?

No, not every memory foam pillow is adjustable. However, the 10 we have reviewed above are all adjustable.

Are all memory foam pillows machine washable?

No, not every memory foam pillow can be washed by machine. The solid agitation of machine washing will break up the packaging inside the pillow and deteriorate it. However, solid memory foam pillow can be easily washed by just running warm water on it till it comes out clean or clear. Don’t use a dryer or iron on a foam pillow.

In addition, it is best to go through the instructions that come with any memory pillow you buy.

Are memory pillows meant for everyone?

Yes, they are, provided you are cool with it.

Are memory foam pillows recommended medically?

Yes, they are. In fact, for the best sleeping experiences, medical practitioners recommend memory pillows.

Do all memory foam pillows come in the same form?

No, they don’t. Memory foam pillows come in different forms, sizes and textures.  It depends on your choice.

Why should I use memory foam pillow?

Memory foam pillows are simply put, extraordinary. You should use a memory foam pillow because it is guaranteed to provide you with optimum comfort, pleasure and support. With the best memory foam pillow, you are immune from neck or shoulder pain and are assured of the most comfortable sleeping experience.

What should I look for in a memory foam pillow?

The kind of fill for your pillow is actually a personal choice and decision. Really, pillows look alike. While looking inside the pillow you will find a diversity of stuffing, which may include soft down and synthetic down or feathers; latex foam; high-tech gel and memory foam.

When to change pillows?

You will know the exact replacement time just by doing the following: Fold the pillow in half and squeeze the air out. If the pillow quickly returns to its original shape, you will need a new one. Conversely, if the pillow does not smell or not have mold, you can continue using it.

Who should purchase this pillow?

The memory foam pillow should be bought by anyone who cares enough for his sleep, and everyone should because it is estimated that we spend one-third of our lives sleeping. Inadequate or uncomfortable sleep weakens the body and system. What’s more, the memory foam pillow is suitable for use after surgery and is recommended by medical experts. So, if you’re willing to be productive, free from pain, remain healthy and get the best value for your money, then you should buy a memory foam pillow.

Anybody who wakes up with a rigid or sore neck, hurts from pains or general problems could go for a memory foam pillow for sleeping comfortability. Also, if you are among of people looking for therapeutic or therapeutic orthopedic pillow, a memory foam pillow is the answer.

Pros of Using A Memory Foam Pillow

The benefits associated with a memory foam pillow are exclusive and can only be derived from it. They include the following:

Spine alignment

Unlike other ordinary pillows, the memory foam pillow can adjust itself as you sleep, helping to keep your back straight. The use of a memory foam pillow helps to keep the spine aligned. This spares you several moments of back ache whenever you wake up.

Pain relief

By being adjustable and customizable, the memory foam pillow helps to prevent and relieve pain. This is attributed to its ability to ease pressure points by serving as the appropriate cushion during sleep.

Contour support

An outstanding benefit of memory foam pillows is their adaptable contour support provided for the head, neck and shoulder. The use of a memory foam pillow will provide all necessary support needed by above parts, thereby preventing aches and pains in them.


Memory foam pillows come in a style that makes breathing through the material easier. With the appropriate memory pillow, you do not have any problem breathing while sleeping, particularly if you lie on your chest. This also aids ventilation.

Soft, smooth and comfortable

Memory foam pillows are very soft, smooth and comfortable. This is due to the filling that adjusts to your weight and position. With a memory foam pillow, all sleeping positions are comfortable.


Memory foam pillows are renowned for being durable, long-lasting and still maintain their elasticity. Usually, the disintegration of a memory pillow starts after at least 2 years.

Cons of Using A Memory Foam Pillow

It is observed that, some people don’t find memory foam pillows as the type of pillow they should admire for certain reasons. These can array from chemical sensitivities to heat absorption. Moreover, not all pillows are meticulous and will vary from one manufacturer to another. The disadvantages of using a memory foam are few and barely significant if the benefits are considered. They are:

Initially smelly

A memory foam pillow can be smelly at first. This is due to the chemicals used for production and cannot cause any harm.

Initially heavy

A memory foam pillow can be heavy just after production due to the chemicals put into it. This weight will however reduce with usage and time.

Relatively expensive

To the average individual with no knowledge of pillows, the price of memory foam pillows is quite expensive. However, this is not so but only one with adequate knowledge would know.

How to wash a pillow

Usually, people bring pillows to the laundry, but you will not be sure whether they are clean and safe to use, because they are usually dry-cleaned and some chemicals like strong bleach are used during the process to quickly clean the pillow.

Ideally, you should wash your pillows at home.

– Wash by hand or machine. Use hot water (not warm water) because it helps remove dirt and kills germs quickly without the use of bleach.

– Mix soap into the water and put pillows in soak;

– No need to vigorously wash the pillow with your hands. Just stir and gently squeeze the pillow so that the hot water and soap can remove the dirt from the pillow.

– Rinse the pillow with water several times until the water is clean. Use softener for the final rinse to make the pillow smell good.

– Press lightly and use a towel to absorb water around the pillow. Do not twist the pillow.

– Dry the pillow in the sun and at the end of the day so that you will have a clean, fragrant white pillow. Dry your pillow in the sun for a few hours, and use your hand to flap the dirt and odor from the pillow.

Note: If your pillow has feather or synthetic fiber, the washing will affect the quality of the product, so you should only wash 1-2 times a year.


All reviewed memory foam pillows above are unarguably the best. They were selected after extensive test-runs by our experts. However, as mentioned before, what cuts it for your friend may not for you. Remember, with normal pillows, backache, distress and muscle ache are common symptoms of improper backbone alignment. With memory foam pillows, you hardly have such when using it. To select the best memory foam pillow for your needs, we recommend that you take note of the considerations we have highlighted above. On a concluding note, we say that you take your time to select just the best.

With the above suggestions, you will quickly find the best fit for your daily sleep use and care. I wish you have a good night’s sleep with your pillow.

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