10 Best Pillows for Headaches 2020 Reviews

Sleeping properly and long enough is one of those things that, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), help us live better and longer. Not only it allows our body —internal organs, complexion, hair, etcetera — to regenerate, but it also has positive and direct effects on our mood.

Now, an adult should sleep between 7 and 8 hours non-stop a day, but how many of us achieve that every night? In our modern-day lives, we sometimes find it difficult to fall asleep, and when we do, we sleep uncomfortably.

When we are looking to treat ourselves with a higher-quality sleep, what first comes to mind is a good mattress. However, let’s not forget that most head, neck, and backaches are caused by the incorrect alignment of three fundamental parts of our body: the neck, the spine, and the lower back. To fight against that, what we need is a quality pillow. We will help choose one by reviewing the 10 best pillows for headaches.

Best Pillow for Headaches

How to Choose the Best Pillow for Headaches

Most pillows are very similar to one another —after all, it is an item that has changed very little since its invention. Anyway, each of those we will review has some features that make it special enough to stand apart from the rest.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the way you sleep. Are you a back-, side-, or stomach-sleeper? If you are used to sleeping on your back, you will probably feel more comfortable with a rather thin pillow.

If your preferred position is lying on your side, you will benefit from a high pillow that maintains the correct distance between your neck and shoulders, If instead, you like to sleep on your stomach, a thin pillow with adjustable padding —which you can move around while you hug it— will suit you best.

Heads up: as we ranked the next pillows thinking about something that calms your headaches, we have not included those feather-filled or latex-made.

Why? Feather pillows are what everyone thinks when talking about comfort; however, such softness can be counterproductive for those who suffer from pain in the upper body.

Latex pillows, on the other hand, can store a lot of heat and make sleeping a hellish activity, even more so than it is for you now.

Top 10 Best Pillow for Headaches

Milemont’s Shredded Memory Foam Pillow4.8
Dreaming Wapiti Pillows for Sleeping, 2 Pack4.8
POLAR SLEEP Memory Foam Pillow for Sleeping4.7
Villsure Cervical Memory Foam Pillow4.6
Luxffy’s Adjustable Dynamic Foam Pillow4.9
Agedate Adjustable Down Alternative Bed Pillows4.8
Mkicesky’s Memory Foam Neck Pillow4.6
Lerekam’s Massage Granule Pillow4.9
Sormag’s Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow4.8
Royal Therapy’s Memory Foam Pillow4.9

1. Milemont’s Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

The first pillow in this ranking, with its 28 by 18 inches, is designed for queen size beds. No matter how you like to sleep —on your stomach, on your back or your side—, Milemont’s Shredded Memory Foam Pillow will help you align your neck, spine, and torso to relax your muscles and thus relieve headache, neck, and back pain.

How’s it so? Milemont’s pillow is moldable: due to its having bits of memory foam instead of an entire block, it will always return to its original form but you can give it the form you prefer. Softness and firmness guaranteed at the same time.

There are two features that I particularly like. The first is the pillow’s breathable cover, which helps to keep it cool and dry —what is worse than waking up in the middle of a summer night and having to turn the pillow over? Not much. The second feature is its CertiPUR-US foam: that means it was manufactured without ozone depleters, without mercury, lead or other heavy metals, and without formaldehyde, among other products harmful to the environment and one’s health.

Milemont’s pillow comes with no removable outer cover; you should put one on to so you can wash it from time to time. Also, when removed from its box, the pillow has a strange odor. Don’t panic! That what foam smells like after being packed for a while. It disappears after a couple of hours.

Last but not least, this pillow comes with a 10-year warranty —yes, no typos there.

Who should purchase this pillow?

It may do wonders for stomach-sleepers in search of a mushy, fluffy pillow to embrace while sleeping.


  • Breathable cover to prevent overheating
  • You can give it the shape you prefer
  • 10-year warranty


  • You may need to buy a pillowcase
  • Strange odor when taken out of box

2. Dreaming Wapiti Pillows for Sleeping, 2 Pack

Second on our list is Dreaming Wapiti’s Shredded Memory Foam Pillow, quite similar to the previous one, but with some small perks that we are sure you will enjoy.

For starters, this pillow is also queen size, that is, it maintains the ratio of 28 by 18 inches. It is recommended especially for back-sleepers, but it can be easily and adjusted to fit any needs.

How? A feature that makes it a very special pillow is that it is not sealed. Instead, it comes with two zippers that allow you to add or remove foam so that you find the thickness and fluffiness that suits you.

Also, Dreaming Wapiti pillows usually come in pairs. Do you want some advice? Take some of the stuffing from one pillow and put in the other for extra head support. You can use the thinner pillow to put between your knees or behind your back.

Both pillows come with removable covers made of 60% polyester and 40% bamboo-rayon, which provides more dryness and breathability.

You don’t need another cover that may heat the pillow beyond what you feel comfortable with. The cover is machine washable. Just remember never to put the whole pillow in the machine, since it ruins the memory foam.

Dreaming Wapiti is proud to offer a one-year trial so you can test if your pillows give you the constant and refreshing sleep you need in your life.

Who should purchase this pillow?

This pair of pillows should be the solution to side-sleepers suffering from lower back issues. Our advice: take some stuffing from a pillow and put it on the other one. The thicker pillow works for your head and the thinner goes between your knees.


  • You can add or remove stuffing to correct pillow height
  • Washable cover
  • Good price for two pillows


  • Too lumpy for some
  • You may need to adjust to it

3. POLAR SLEEP Memory Foam Pillow for Sleeping

Now, let us jump into something a bit different. Like the rest of the pillows we have seen so far, this one allows you to keep your spine aligned with the rest of the body, and works for every sleep position.

It also comes with a pillowcase that can be put in the washing machine for better hygiene and that stays cool and dry throughout the night.

However, what makes this pillow stand out from the rest is its novel, ergonomic, and orthopedic design: putting aside the typical quadrangular shape, Polar Sleep’s Contour Cervical Pillow has a cavity in the center that preserves the natural curve of the neck.

According to its manufacturers, this guarantees better breathing and reduces the snoring of those who sleep on their backs, since the flow of air from the lungs to the mouth is not interrupted whatsoever. Besides, convex panels on the sides of the pillow help to better distribute the pressure on the upper body, to sleep more quickly and deeply, and without pain.

Its high-density memory foam does not come in small pieces but block form and is a bit shorter than the previous pillows: 23 by 13.5 inches. What does remain is the softness to adapt to the contour of the head, and the firmness to return to its initial form in up to 5 seconds.

Polar Sleep’s pillow also comes bearing three certificates: ISPA (International Sleep Products Association), CertiPUR-US, and OEKO-TEX (a durability guarantee). Besides, the company proposes a 30-day refund and a 10-year warranty.

Who should purchase this pillow?

This pillow should work perfectly for you if you’re a side-sleeper who loves a high pillow, or a big back-sleeper who won’t mind its thickness.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Quality certified by ISPA, CertiPUR-US, and OEKO-TEX
  • Reduces snoring for back-sleepers


  • Shorter than other pillows
  • May be too thick for some back-sleepers

4. Villsure Cervical Memory Foam Pillow

Keeping the same pattern as the pillow we just reviewed, we now present Villsure’s Memory Foam Pillow.

This model also pushes aside the rectangular shape to provide something that best suits the head of the sleeping folk: it has a wedge extension to better accommodate the back-sleepers neck, and convex panels on the sides so that those who sleep on their sides have better support.

It is made with premium, low-rebound memory foam that returns to its natural shape and firmness within a few seconds. Allows for proper alignment of the spine with the head and back, to relieve pain caused by stress or poor posture throughout the day.

What distinguishes Villsure’s Memory Foam Pillow? It comes with two different heights: 2.3 inches in the front and 4.3 inches in the back. You can easily find what suits your body and especially your neck. Also, the package comes with two cotton pillowcases, so you can use one while the other is washing or drying.

We would like to warn you: the fact that they are made of cotton can be a bit troublesome in the summer months because this material gets hotter than synthetic fabrics. However, it is one of the softest. Manufacturers explain that the user may feel uncomfortable during the first few weeks until the body adjusts to sleeping in the correct position.

Who should purchase this pillow?

Villsure’s Memory Foam Pillow work especially great for people that suffer from neck pain and headaches, or who can’t find the right position in bed and end up doing it in a poor posture.


  • Two different heights
  • Two pillowcases
  • Great for eliminating neck pain


  • A bit expensive
  • Cotton from pillowcases can heat up

5. Luxffy’s Adjustable Dynamic Foam Pillow

If two heights are still not enough to meet your sleeping needs, Luxffy’s Adjustable Dynamic Foam Pillow might be just what you are looking for.

Like the rest of the pillows, it is marketed for all possible bedtime postures and provides your body with the correct alignment, from head to back, to relieve headaches and neck and lower back discomforts.

This pillow also comes with different contours on front and back: the widest one helps side-sleepers get better support for their neck, so they don’t mess with their body’s natural curve; the narrowest part, on the other hand, is specially designed to prevent back-sleepers from tossing and turning at night.

However, what makes this pillow stand out from the rest are its three layers of high-density dynamic memory foam, devised in such a way that the middle layer can be removed and the outer layers will still match together.

This ingenious design provides up to four different heights: front and back with the middle layer (respectively 4.3 and 5.3 inches), and front and back without it (3.2 and 3.9 inches). It is guaranteed that you will find the option that suits you best.

Besides, Luxffy’s Adjustable Dynamic Foam Pillow comes with an inner pillowcase and an outer bamboo fabric cover, removable, breathable, and skin-friendly. Plus, it is certified by OEKO-TEX for durability and by CertiPUR-US due to its environment and health-friendly materials.

Luxffy offers a 96-night money-back guarantee and 5-year warranty.

Who should purchase this pillow?

This pillow’s adjustability provides ample range, but we feel it will be especially appreciated by side-sleepers in search of a high pillow.


  • Four different heights due to a removable middle layer
  • Environment- and health-friendly materials
  • Relieves lower-back discomforts


  • May be too thin for side-sleepers
  • May take a bit getting used to it

6. Agedate Adjustable Down Alternative Bed Pillows

Let’s leave the memory foam for a while to jump into a different type of filling that also has its devotees: the following pillow is filled with ultra-soft hypoallergenic microfiber and enclosed in a highly breathable 100% cotton pillowcase.

However, its most important feature is that this cover comes with a zipper that allows you to take out part of the microfiber so that you find the most pleasant pillow thickness, the one that takes away those headaches and neck pain.

Take the following advice as a rule of thumb: a lower pillow takes pressure off the spine, which makes it perfect for those back-sleepers; a medium filling is ideal for those people who sleep on their stomachs and like to hug their pillow, and a higher pillow works best for side-sleepers because it prevents the head resting on the shoulder with a painful angle.

With its 30 by 20 inches, Agedate’s Adjustable Microfiber Pillow is the largest pillow we have reviewed so far. According to its manufacturers, it does not flatten easily with use, and leaving it in the sun every once in a while helps to keep it refreshed.

A great advantage of this pillow is that, unlike those containing memory foam, it can be washed, either by hand or in the washing machine. Also, having no foam, it does not come with strange odors; the only smell you will feel will be the smell of new, when you take it out of its packaging.

Who should purchase this pillow?

Given its extreme fluffiness, we recommend Agedate’s Adjustable Microfiber Pillow for those stomach-sleepers who love to hug their pillows. It will feel like hugging a cloud!


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Can be washed entirely in the machine
  • No strange odors


  • May be too soft for some people
  • Users have reported troubles with the zipper

7. Mkicesky’s Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Mkicesky’s Memory Foam Neck Pillow is yet another cervical pillow, which means it comes with two asymmetrical contours, one for the front (3.93 inches) and a different one for the back (5.12 inches).

However, Mkicesky singularizes its pillows with its USPTO patent ergonomic design, with a hollow center that relieves pressure on the head and gives you greater comfort by keeping the back aligned, plus a soft facial area around the edges for those side-sleepers.

The pillow is made from low-rebound memory foam, which returns to its original state in 3 to 5 seconds. It also has a breathable, removable, and washable pillowcase —again, just to make sure you don’t miss, remember that memory foam pillows never go into the washing machine— and 23 by 14.56 inches.

Mkicesky ensures that its pillows undergo third-party lab testing to make sure you only get high-quality products. Besides, they come with CertiPUR-US quality foam that has proven not to lose its softness easily.

Remember that, like all cervical pillows, this one provides forces you to sleep in the correct position, one that your body is not used to. That is why manufacturers suggest that you give the pillow a couple of weeks to adjust to your body and vice versa.

Last but not least, Mkicesky provides a 100-night trial with a full refund, no questions asked.

Who should purchase this pillow?

This pillow’s ergonomic design makes it just what back-sleepers have been looking for. Its hollow center is a perfect fit for the head.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Third-party lab testing for higher quality
  • 100-night trial + full refund


  • May take a while for your body to adjust to it
  • Its edges may be too hard for some

8. Lerekam’s Massage Granule Pillow

At your job or home, do you spend a lot of time sitting down? Do you make a physical effort while in a bad posture? Do you lead a busy and stressful life?

If your answer to at least one of those questions was yes, likely, you constantly suffer from headaches or neck pain. That being the case, you will want to pay special attention to this next pillow: Lerekam’s Massage Granule Pillow.

It is 21.6 by 13.7 inches and has two different contours, with slopes of 2.9 inches in the front and 4.5 inches in the back.

Its low-rebound memory foam block is covered by a removable and washable polyester pillowcase, which you can remove and wash by hand or in the washing machine. Pretty normal so far.

However, this is the only pillow we will see that features “massage bubbles”: large, three-dimensional lumps that massage your head, neck, and shoulders to eliminate headaches and caress those muscles in your neck and shoulders that have stiffened from the effort.

Lerekam’s pillow provides full ergonomic head support: it relieves pressure on the neck and positions the trachea in such a way that it facilitates breathing. That means it is very good against insomnia because better breathing helps you to fall asleep faster and deeper.

Who should purchase this pillow?

Lerekam’s Massage Granule Pillow is especially useful for people suffering from insomnia or long-lasting neck and back pain.


  • Your upper body will feel massaged
  • Removable, washable pillowcase
  • Two different heights


  • Shorter than most reviewed pillows
  • Users have complained about a strange, wet-like smell

9. Sormag’s Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

We are reaching the end of the list and continue looking for that ideal pillow that relieves your headaches and allows you to sleep better.

Let’s try Sormag’s Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow. With it, we return to the bits of high-density memory foam, but with a perk: this 20-by-30-inch pillow comes with a zipper that allows you to take out or put more padding according to what you need for your body.

Whether you have wide shoulders or a short neck, you can customize your pillow to keep the normal curvature of your spine and stop sleeping poorly.

Besides, the package comes with two pillowcases for better protection. The second one, on which you sleep, is made of 52% polyester and 48% bamboo-fiber to keep the pillow dry and cool at the same time.

Good news: it is hypoallergenic and can be washed, so there is no need to buy another pillowcase.

Sormag’s Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow claims to promote cervical health. Its manufacturers say there is no chance of it happening, but if you don’t feel comfortable with their product, you can return it within 90 days from your purchase.

Also, it comes with CertiPUR-US and is the best price we have found for you.

Who should purchase this pillow?

This product works perfectly for those people who can’t get used to a single pillow and keep an extra one at hand just in case they need it at some point during the night. Just move the padding around to find the support you need for your neck and head.


  • Excellent price
  • Adjustable padding
  • 90-day trial with a full refund


  • May be too big for some beds
  • Some users have complained about a “chemical” smell

10. Royal Therapy’s Memory Foam Pillow

We have finally reached the end of our 10 best pillows for the headache list. We have seen many of them, each a different type, with their perks and disadvantages, and we sincerely hope to have helped you decide on one.

Last but not least, we present you Royal Therapy’s Memory Foam Pillow. This pillow is designed for queen size beds and brings back the double contour: two slopes for you to find the position and thickness you need.

Besides, the middle layer of its 3-layer memory foam core can be removed for you to have a lower pillow if your body so requires it.

Royal Therapy guarantees that the pillow won’t go flat with continuous use. Thus, it will provide uniform pressure on each part of the head and neck over time, and aid the air in its normal flow to the lungs.

It comes with a breathable pillowcase made of hypoallergenic 100% bamboo-rayon cover, and its quality is certified by ISPA, CertiPUR-US, and OEKO-TEX.

Its manufacturers provide 100-night money-back guarantee and 5-year warranty.

Who should purchase this pillow?

Royal Therapy’s Memory Foam Pillow is perfect for stomach sleepers, who need just a bit of height, but not much. We wouldn’t recommend it for back-sleepers, since it may be too thin for them.


  • Adjustable to 4 different heights
  • Uniform pressure, even after continued use
  • Has every certification available


  • May be too thin for some people
  • It may take a while to expand after taking it out from the package

Best Pillow for Headaches


If I suffer from headaches, should I use a firmer or a softer pillow?

Rather than thinking about a firmer or a softer pillow, you should try to get to know what makes you comfortable.

Different bodies and different sleeping positions adjust to different pillows. As a rule of thumb, you should stick to what we talked about before the ranking: back-sleeper, thin pillow; side-sleeper, high pillow; stomach-sleeper, thin pillow with adjustable padding.

Are these pillows right for kids?

Yes, everyone we have reviewed can be used by every person in your family, infant or otherwise.

How can I wash my pillow?

That depends on which material is your pillow stuffed with. If we are talking about pillows stuffed with microfiber, you can safely throw them in the washing machine.

For memory foam pillows, however, you will have to run the vacuum machine on them and then shake any additional dirt they may be storing. Remember to wash your pillows —and not just the cover— at least twice a year.


Sleeping well is paramount to live a healthy life. It is the starting point for all the activities we perform in our day. Hasn’t it happened to you that when you sleep badly, you feel that everything turns out wrong?

How much rest we get has an influence not only on our body cells’ health but also on our mood and on how we perceive life.

Do you want to be happy? What a silly question —of course, you do. Well, then you need to sleep better. We sincerely hope we have helped you achieve it.

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