10 Best Pillows for Stomach Sleepers 2019

According to medical research, stomach sleeping is the least common sleeping position and the unhealthiest option because it places undue pressure on the head and shoulders. However, there are a handful of adults who prefer this position over other positions. To ensure that these adults have a quality night rest they must take utmost care in selecting their bedding materials.

It can be a little difficult to find the best pillows for stomach sleepers because many models out in online stores and retail outlets are designed for side and back sleepers. An excessively thin or thick pillow will affect how well the rest of the body aligns with the neck, so one of the most important considerations to make is the thickness or loftiness of the pillow.

By choosing the best pillow for stomach sleepers many problems associated with this position can be mitigated. It’s our intention to carefully identify and make a proper selection of the most promising pillows for stomach sleepers. Let’s get right into some details!

Stomach Sleepers

How to Choose the Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleeping is a challenging position for most people; it’s no wonder then that many doctors don’t recommend it. Apart from the neck strain associated with sleeping on your stomach, heartburn and indigestion are health issues besetting many stomach sleepers.

The right pillow can make a whole lot of difference in improved health and quality sleep. We’d like to emphatically state that overly thick pillows can make stomach sleepers bend their head in a very discomforting position while thin pillows don’t offer much support.

In this section we will explore some important factors to take into consideration when shopping for a suitable pillow for stomach sleepers.


The lofty nature of a pillow is one of the most important considerations for stomach sleepers or mid-night flippers. Loftiness falls into three general categories – Low- loft pillows, medium loft pillows and high loft pillows.

For stomach sleepers, the majority of high-loft pillows will be too thick for comfort. As we said earlier, this can lead to discomfort on the neck and spine. Subsequently, a lot of low-loft pillows are too thin to offer valuable support to the neck region. It’s better to stick to a low-loft pillow than to use a high-loft alternative.

Generally speaking low-medium loft pillows with about 2-5 inch of thickness is the best set of pillows for belly sleepers.

Pillow Material

There are several types of pillows in stores today; the main differentiating characteristic is in the material core. Stomach sleepers have the option of choosing memory foam, microbeads, fiber padding, shredded memory foam or water-filled. Choosing any material over the other largely depends on personal preferences.  Let’s go over some of the materials one at a time:

Memory Foam: Memory foam is a popular choice for sleepers because it hardly loses its shape over time as other materials do. The two main types of memory foam in stores today are solid and shredded memory foam. Solid memory foam provides more support than shredded memory foam but they can’t be fluffed or flattened like their shredded counterpart.

Microbeads: Microbead stomach pillows are usually designed in such a way that the interiors are open to add or remove beads to suit the user.  A major advantage of microbeads pillows is that they maximize airflow via interior bead spaces allowing users a hassle-free sleep without moisture capture or body heat.

Water filled: Like microbeads filled pillows, water-filled pillows are designed with a port opening to allow users reduce or increase the amount of material fill inside the pillow. This feature allows you to adjust the height and thickness of the pillow to suit your needs.

Fiber Material: Fiber-filled pillows are a luxurious alternative for stomach sleepers. They are usually made from the down or exterior feathers of ducks and aren’t suited for sleepers who have a history of allergic reactions.  A fiber-filled pillow can become stiff and flattened out unexpectedly and will require constant fluffing to keep them in the right shape and position.

Top 10 Best Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

Best Down - Alternative for stomach sleepers - WhiteClassic Down - Alternative4.8
Best Shredded memory foam pillow – Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Pillow4.7
Best Memory foam flat Pillow – Perfect Cloud Airflow4.6
Best for cooling – Sleep Restoration Gel Pillow4.7
Bluewave Bedding Slim, Super Slim Pillows4.8
Elite Rest Ultra Slim Sleeper Pillow4.6
Sable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow for side and stomach sleepers4.6
Belly Sleep Gel-infused Memory Foam Pillow4.9
Snuggle-Pedic Supreme Plush shredded memory foam pillow4.9
Adjustable Layer Pancake Pillow4.7

1. Best Down – Alternative for stomach sleepers – WhiteClassic Down – Alternative

There are many benefits to using this white classic Down-alternative pillow for stomach sleepers. It’s no wonder why it was chosen as our Editor’s pick.  The inner material is constructed to strike a balance between firmness and softness and will have you falling asleep quicker than you normally would.

The outer cover is made from 100% polyester material in 235 cotton thread count giving stomach sleepers the well-deserved comfy plush feeling of good night rest. The inner material is crafted from Hotel plush gel fiber, perfect to offer the right support for head and neck.

Whiteclassic comfy pillows are designed to be shift resistant, meaning it hardly goes flat no matter the sleeping position you prefer. This feature is useful for those who take up multiple positions late at night; you will always get the five-star experience of luxury right in the comfort of your room.

Lastly, the materials used are a healthy choice for those with respiratory concerns like asthma and allergy. The pillows are built to last, resist dust mites, mold and mildew.

Pillow Highlight

Who should purchase this pillow?

The use of down-alternative as the inner core means this pillow is best suited for stomach sleepers that suffer from some respiratory discomfort.  The pillow material is designed to mimic the feeling of down with a superior responsiveness that retains its shape.


  • Makes use of pure cotton with high thread count
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Free shipping to option


  • It’s a low-medium loft pillow that might not be suitable for all stomach sleepers.

2. Best Shredded memory foam pillow – Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

This amazing pillow has features geared towards helping stomach sleepers have a sound night rest.  The inner core is made from shredded memory foam which is one of the best materials used in pillow construction. The inner core material allows for some flexibility giving users the option of molding it to shape to suit their sleeping positions.

The casing material over the inner core is made from hypoallergenic bamboo fabric that makes it breathable, healthy and eco-friendly.  The bamboo cover material and the shredded memory foam inner core are designed to be dust mite resistant with anti-bacterial and microbial features.

With a standard thickness to offer the right support for stomach sleepers, users also have the option of adjusting the height to maximize comfort.

Pillow Highlight

  • Entirely made in the USA
  • Hypoallergenic features
  • Shredded memory foam inner cover
  • Dust mite resistant and breathable bamboo fabric cover

Who should purchase this pillow?

The fact that it is made from shredded memory foam places it heads and shoulders above a lot of pillows in stores today. The plush and comfy feeling of this pillow is suited for users who need plush-like consistency although the night.


  • It has a customizable firmness to suit any user
  • Very cool and breathable outer cover material
  • Friendly customer service and good 100-day return policy


  • Might be too frim for some stomach sleepers
  • There is a tendency for it to go flat

3. Best Memory foam flat Pillow – Perfect Cloud Airflow

The slim profile of this memory foam pillow makes them the ideal choice for stomach sleepers.  The patented double airflow design is crafted to offer multiple levels of ventilation; it’s an ideal alternative for stomach sleepers looking for a temperature-controlled sleep.

No more head, neck and shoulder pain associated with the discomfort of multiple or stomach sleeping positions. The inner core memory foam material has been thoroughly tested to reduce the nervous tensions from strained shoulder and neck pain.

The premium knitted textile cover that encases the memory foam is fully removable and can be dry cleaned. The quality of the luxurious plush quilted textile material feels absolutely amazing and can rival any competitor material in the market today.

Pillow Highlight

  • Memory foam inner core
  • Premium knitted cover
  • Double Airflow ventilation system
  • 3 years warranty period

Who should purchase this pillow?

If you sweat a lot and regularly have to endure above average heat at night then this pillow might just be the perfect choice for you. This pillow’s Airflow design has the best moisture wicking ability on our list.


  • Highly breathable Airflow inner core material
  • Moisture wicking ability designed to control temperature at night


  • Not all users will be comfortable with the Airflow design

4. Best for cooling – Sleep Restoration Gel Pillow

The main selling point of this slim profile pillow is the use of a type of down-alternative material called polygel fiber as the inner core. The polygel material is flexible and compressible enough to suit the sleeping position of stomach sleepers.

It’s a standard pillow with a no-shift construction that makes it a fantastic option to rest your head and neck in style. When you fall asleep, you will definitely stay asleep on this comfortable and luxurious five-star pillow. The soft cotton fabric cover is breathable and cool to touch, gently soothing your neck and head.

Apart from the fact that this product is dust mite, mold and mildew resistant, they are completely allergen and chemical-free. So those suffering from asthma and respiratory disorder have no fears to worry about with this pillow.

Lastly, the restoration gel pillows are fade and stain resistant with machine washable instructions to ensure users make the most out of it.

Pillow Highlight

  • Down alternative polygel inner core
  • Reliable no-shift durable construction
  • Fade and stain resistant
  • Best for stomach sleepers

Who should purchase this pillow?

Restoration gels are great at retaining shape even after they have been subjected to intense weight. Opt for this pillow if you take on multiple positions at night.


  • Uses a down-alternative polygel inner core
  • Low-loft pillow construction, perfect to ease the pressure on the spine and neck


  • Tightly woven pillowcase might not allow for much ventilation

5. Bluewave Bedding Slim, Super Slim Pillows

The extremely slim profile of this Bluewave bedding pillow makes it suitable for stomach sleeping.  Those who prefer their pillows to have a reasonable amount of moldability without compromising on a firmer grip are going to love the aesthetics of this pillow. It comes in contemporary design features that are heads and shoulders high above the competition.

Unarguably the 2.5-2.75 inch height is tilted towards providing maximum comfort and relief to back and stomach sleepers.  Slim profile features like this have been shown to reduce the onset of snoring and the back pain associated with stomach sleeping.

To tackle temperature extremes at night and provide instantaneous cooling, Bluewave is designed with a lavender blue phase-changing material. This material is infused with durable gel particles at the base and core to regulate heat.

Pillow Highlight

  • Slim 2.5-2.75 profile
  • Memory foam inner core
  • Moldability and firmer grip feature
  • Max cooling lavender blue-phase

Who should purchase this pillow?

The Bluewave ultra slim pillow is best suited for stomach sleepers who prefer a slim firm profile infused with memory foam for comfort. It also has a breathable pillow casing made from the choicest bamboo fiber.


  • Extremely super slim profile for stomach sleepers
  • Patented Bluewave interchanging phase for temperature regulation
  • Very firm and supportive design


  • Some users might find the design and firmness too rigid

6. Elite Rest Ultra Slim Sleeper Pillow

The elite rest ultra-slim pillow is one of the slimmest pillows in online stores and retail outlets today. It measures 2.5 inches and is crafted with ergonomic edges and sides for a comfortable head, neck and shoulder rest.  Belly sleepers and flippers are fond of placing their hands underneath thin pillows which can aggravate neck pain. With this elite pillow design you have little to worry about because it will set up the head and neck in a comfortable position.

No matter how often the user changes the position of the head, the ultra-slim pillow still manages to retain its shape at night.  One notable feature is the half pillow design in rounded tops and flat bottoms that offers a dual sleeping surface for extra stability. Despite the positives, this pillow isn’t recommended to those who flip their pillows at night.

Pillow Highlight

  • 5-inch slim profile design
  • Premium memory foam inner core
  • Dual sleeping surface
  • Improved breathing – may reduce snoring

Who should purchase this pillow?

If you love the feel of memory foam then don’t hesitate to purchase this pillow. It’s a very nice viable option for stomach sleeping. With this pillow you are assured of a comfortable night rest.


  • It has a premium memory foam inner core design
  • It is dust and mite resistant
  • Ergonomic curved edges made to support uncomfortable positions of the head.


  • The slim profile might be too low for some users
  • It’s an expensive alternative to other pillows

7. Sable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow for side and stomach sleepers

The breathable nature and the softness this pillow presents to sleepers is the main reason why it has gained positive appeal to stomach sleepers.  The inner core is made from shredded memory foam with one fifth more fillings than similar pillows of comparable sizes.  You are at liberty to distribute and customize your bedding experience.

To give you that cloud-9 like resting experience, the outside cover is made of perforated and soft bamboo fabric that is breathable and naturally woven in style. It truly feels comfortable and at the same time reduces the onset of snoring.

Stomach sleepers are at liberty to adjust the fill of the pillow – all you need do is unzip the YKK zipper at the sides to either remove or add more stuffing. Stomach sleepers need not worry about uncomfortable neck and spinal alignment during sleep because you can adjust the inner fillers to suit any slim profile.

Pillow Highlight

  • Shredded memory foam inner core
  • Perforated bamboo fabric covers for breathability
  • CertiPUR-US third party certification by FDA
  • One fifth more filling than most pillows in stores today

Who should purchase this pillow?

Purchase this pillow if you are comfortable with the use of shredded memory foam and can cope with the characteristics of feathered pillow material – the filling can smoosh down to the sides.


  • It is made from durable shredded memory foam
  • Has one fifth more of the fillings of other pillows
  • The fill of the pillow can be adjusted for comfort


  • Pillow might deflate and not recover its full shape

8. Belly Sleep Gel-infused Memory Foam Pillow

The major feature of the belly sleep infused memory foam pillow is the ergonomically curved edges coupled with a slim profile design that makes it the perfect choice for stomach sleepers. The design feature ensures that the back and neck regions are in proper alignment to eliminate annoying neck and shoulder pain associated with sleeping on your tummy.

At 2.5 inches, this pillow cradles the head in a euphoria of luxurious comfort. Nothing else could be better than the comfort of this gel-infused pillow to aid multiple sleeping positions irrespective of the position of the head.  Although, it has a slight foamy smell, after using it for a couple of times the smell fades away.

Lastly, the manufacturers of belly sleep foam pillow made good work of infusing it with enough gel particles for temperature regulation at night. Overall, our experts are of the opinion that it has the right firmness to offer strong support for both stomach and side sleepers.

Pillow Highlight

  • Gel-infused memory foam inner core
  • The cover is made from 40% polyester and 60% bamboo fabric
  • Strong support for the spines of stomach sleepers
  • Supportive polyurethane foam inserts

Who should purchase this pillow?

Users who need an ultra slim pillow design that is made from restoration gel to offer the right loftiness will benefit immensely from this pillow. We think it’s one of the most supportive, comfortable and yet soft pillow out there.


  • Product details claim this pillow is ideal for any sleeping position
  • Designed to keep you cool while providing support
  • Machine washable covers and odor resistant characteristics


  • No king size version available
  • Very low profile might not fit into standard pillowcases

9. Snuggle-Pedic Supreme Plush shredded memory foam pillow

The name of this pillow implies that the construction is tilted towards those who suffer from allergic reactions sparked by down and feather pillow materials. Snuggle-Pedic pillows are designed to overcome the respiratory concerns of stomach sleepers without compromising on comfortability.

The combination of hypoallergenic materials with extremely low volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.) gives it the therapeutic prowess of helping sleepers overcome allergens.  The inner foam core used is light, sturdy and more resilient to deformation than most competitor products out there.

Orthopedically, the shape is designed to suit the sleeping position of stomach and back sleepers. Besides stomach sleepers can maintain and adjust the pillow thickness via the removable outer cover.

Pillow Highlight

  • Memory foam inner core material
  • Micro-vented cover for breathability
  • Certified by third party unaffiliated organization
  • Removable covers for adjusting the thickness and maintenance

Who should purchase this pillow?

Sleepers who take on multiple sleeping positions at night will benefit immensely from this pillow. This is because of the pillow’s unique ability to adjust and conform to any position at night.


  • Never go flat construction design to keep you cool all night
  • It’s an hypoallergenic modern pillow
  • 120-day return policy and a 20 year warranty


  • Pillow design can be too hard for some users

10. Adjustable Layer Pancake Pillow


Choose this pillow if you want the perfect fitting pillow without compromising on breathability and comfort.  It is fully customizable to suit visitors or other family members who want a comfortable sleeping experience.  To make adjustments possible, the inner core is made out of six luxurious microfibers rather than the single-core pad of many pillows in stores.

The microfibers can be removed or added as the case may be until the desired pillow height is attained. The only drawback is that the pads aren’t made from the popular memory foam but the microfibers do offer solid support, besides microfibers are a lot cooler than memory foams.

The versatile function of this pillow allows it finds usage in almost all kinds of sleeping positions and it’s a selling hallmark that beats the competition.

Pillow Highlight

  • 6 Adjustable layer microfiber inner core
  • 300 Thread count outer cover material
  • Fully customizable
  • Hypoallergenic soft pillow

Who should purchase this pillow?

Choose this pillow if you want something that the whole family can use. Irrespective of their sleeping preferences, they can adjust the height to suit themselves.


  • The adjustable height of this pillow makes them suitable for all sleeping positions
  • High 300 thread count with a hundred percent cotton cover
  • Microfiber fill and hypoallergenic soft support


  • There has been some complains about the offensive odor of the pillow

Best Pillows for Stomach Sleepers


Here are a few frequently asked questions about stomach sleeping and the right pillows to use.

Is it compulsory for stomach sleepers to use a pillow?

NO. The best answer to this question is to go for what works for you. Whether it’s using a pillow or going for the natural head-to mattress alternative, as long as your neck and spine are properly aligned you will be fine. It all comes down to personal preferences, sleeping without a pillow can help your back extend in a natural alignment, the same can be said of the right pillow.

Is sleeping on my stomach very bad?

The first obvious reason why sleeping on your stomach is bad is because it places a lot of pressure on the spinal cord and the rest of the body.  This pressure results in neck problems and stiffness brought about by twisting the neck to the sides in an uncomfortable position.

What steps can I take to stop sleeping on my stomach?

First and foremost you need to be aware of how the current stomach sleeping position is affecting your whole body. Next, you have to make a conscious effort to make some changes. It won’t be automatic, especially if you are already used to the current stomach sleeping position. One positive solution is to make do with an orthopedic pillow that makes it practically impossible to sleep on your stomach or rollover.

Can I use a pillow protector with my pillow?

Yes. Pillow protectors are a nice attachment to use. Placing them in a zippered pillow will help protect the pillow from body oils, hair oils and allergens.

How often should pillow maintenance be carried out?

If you use a protector with your pillow, try as much as possible to wash them at least once in every six months.  Pillow covers are more prone to picking up dirt and should be dry cleaned at least once a month.

What kinds of pillows are best suited for stomach sleepers?

The best pillows for stomach sleepers are low-medium loft pillow that offers some support and helps to ease out the pressure on the spine.

Is memory foam good for those who sleep on their stomachs?

Yes. Memory foam is one of the best inner core materials in stores today. The thinner and firmer ones are an excellent choice for stomach sleepers.

How often should I fluff my pillows with filler material?

With regular use, it is inevitable that your pillows will lose some of the fluffiness. How often you fluff your pillow depends on your personal preferences and the kind of pillow you use.

When is the right time to replace my pillows?

Quality pillows can last for years without showing any signs of flatting out or deformation. If you use covers, pillow protectors and wash them on a regular basis you will get the most out of every pillow.  The right time to change your pillows is when they start looking or feeling flat, at this stage they must have outlived their usefulness.


We hope you found the information in this article helpful at tackling the problems associated with stomach sleeping. To recap a little, the best pillows for stomach sleeping are those that help the head to rest in proper alignment with the body. In our opinion, the Whiteclassic down-alternative and the Bluewave Bedding Slim pillows offer slim profiles with the right firmness to support your head and neck.

Finally, remember to stick with what works for you by testing out any pillow you buy for a week. If it’s not a good option, make sure you return and order for a replacement.

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