5 Best Pillow Top Mattress 2020 Reviews

US adults spent $41 billion on sleep-related medication and other products back in 2015, estimated to reach $52 billion by 2020. It is strangely fascinating to consider that we are more inclined towards trying new medication to sleep than to find out why we don’t naturally, even though there are pillow top mattresses around for just that.

Falling asleep is rarely accomplished with sheer will and grit. It is easier said and seldom done. It is important to note that sleeping off after a day’s work is not natural but forced due to fatigue. The human body is programmed to sleep at night. If you can’t, you need to help your body towards the natural sleep cycle. Take a more holistic approach instead of medication.

What is the most essential thing which you need for sleeping? The bed. But you need more than just furniture. You need a mattress on top of it and pillows, a bed cover, and a blanket. A comfortable mattress can be the difference between staying up all night or dreaming through it. Arguably, the most sleep-friendly mattress you can purchase is a pillow top mattress.

Pillow top mattresses are negligibly different from most other mattress variants. But they have an additional layer of padding above the underlying bed support made of coils and springs. And it can make a huge difference. This added layer of padding can be of memory foam, regular foam, cotton, cotton wool, latex, etc. The sole motive of adding this layer is to help you sleep better. A pillow top mattress is manufactured to offer umpteen comfort. Unlike regular mattresses, a pillow top lets you sleep as you want to, always adapting to your body contours for optimum ease of posture.

USA is severely deprived of its sleep, but you can solve your sleeplessness with a suitable pillow top mattress. Read on to know the best tips to buy a pillow top mattress and choose from the best pillow top mattresses.

Pillow Top Mattress

Top 5 Pillow Top Mattresses you can buy

Sweetnight 10 Inch Full Size Mattress In a Box4.9
EASELAND King Mattress - Bamboo Pillow Top Hybrid Mattress4.8
Suiforlun 12 Inch Pillow Top Twin Hybrid Mattress4.7
Sealy Response Premium 16-Inch Plush Euro Pillow Top Mattress4.5
Classic Brands Individually Wrapped Coils Innerspring Pillow Top 10-Inch Mattress4.6

1. Sweetnight 10 Inch Full Size Mattress In a Box

This pillow top mattress unit is designed with independent tempered steel coils at the bottom for bed support. A gel infused memory foam layer under the pillow top provides optimal body contouring and heat dissipation.

Supple conformation and ample support from the underlying springs make this a suitable match for many individuals with varying sleeping needs. The materials are CertiPUR-US certified; no harmful substances used.

You will enjoy its motion isolation and the multi-faceted hybrid comfort. A good buy offering both memory foam comfort, gel infused temperature regulation and innerspring support at pressure points.

Mattress height – 11 inches

Warranty – 10 Years


  • Value for money.
  • Ready to sleep in 24 hours.
  • Great motion isolation.
  • No odour.


  • Box weights 70 to 80 pounds. No handles to carry.
  • Durability, in the long run.
  • Poor edge support.

2. EASELAND King Mattress – Bamboo Pillow Top Hybrid Mattress

This pillow top mattress scores high as a pro-health hypoallergenic mattress, certified by CertiPUR-US, ISPA, and Oeko-Tex Standard 100+.

It comes with a bamboo fabric pillow top for better airflow and breathability. Underneath it is a gel infused memory foam hybrid layering for heat dissipation and body contouring. Independent coil springs providing bed support are encased with individual breathable fabric pockets for motion isolation and minimal noise.

This is a hybrid mattress offering a cooling gel to dissipate body heat, memory foam for body contouring and fabric encased independent springs for basal support. It is comparatively expensive than similar products offering these features, but this mattress also carries class-leading pro-health certifications.

Opt for this feature-rich mattress if you are easily prone to dust and for its excellent zonal isolation.

Mattress height – 12 inches

Warranty – 10 Years


  • Great utility on a budget.
  • Plush on top, support from the bottom.
  • Above average response and bounce.


  • Average mattress without the pillow top.
  • Made in Thailand.

3. Suiforlun 12 Inch Pillow Top Twin Hybrid Mattress

A competitively priced and popular product, this mattress comes with separate layers of memory foam as the pillow top for foam comfort and infused gel for cooling. This is a medium-firm mattress providing great support with its 450 count foam-wrapped independent coils.

It has 4 layers of high quality foam for body contouring and basal support. 3D spacer mesh side panels help promote better breathability and the mattress uses CertiPUR-US certified materials only.

You can opt for this medium-firm pillow top mattress for comprehensive support, comfort, cooling, and durability. Manufacturers also provide 14 inch variants with the same firmness gradient.

Mattress height – 12/14 inches

Warranty – 10 Years


  • Good support without being too firm.
  • Great customer service from manufacturers.
  • Ready to sleep in 12 hours.
  • Medium to Medium-firm, suitable for varied sleepers.


  • Longevity
  • Cooling foam below par.
  • Poor edge support.

4. Sealy Response Premium 16-Inch Plush Euro Pillow Top Mattress

Sealy brings a 16 inch high-end pillow top mattress offering both comfort and response. The top layer is the Sealy Cushioned Extra Soft Foam for supple deluxe cosiness. This 1 inch layer is followed by a cooling gel memory foam for temperature control and body contouring comfort.

A Response Pro HD bottom layer provides ample support courtesy independent coils for minimum motion isolation. This mattress is Posturpedic rated, offering specific pressure point support to vulnerable body parts. It also comes with moisture and allergen protection other than high-density coil bordering for edge support, durability and increased sleeping area.

If you have the budget, you should opt for this product as a medium or soft medium purchase. It also comes in 12 inch and 14 inch units with varying firmness gradients. Enjoy a 100 night risk-free trial from the manufacturer.

Mattress height – 16 inches

Warranty – 10 Years


  • Customised edge support.
  • Easy to move.
  • Great Posturepedic technology.
  • Allergen-resistant fabric layering.
  • Highly suitable for side sleepers.


  • Cooling gel does not help.
  • Saggy
  • Soft, not Medium Soft.

5. Classic Brands Individually Wrapped Coils Innerspring Pillow Top 10-Inch Mattress

A cheap pillow top mattress, this product covers the basics and is also a popular purchase. Classic Brands offers a range of budget mattresses beyond the States and has a growing clientele opting for these ergonomic pocket-friendly units.

This product offers consistent support thanks to individually pocketed steel coils for maximum. In between the 1 inch comfort foam quilted pillow top and the coils lies a wholesome layering of further comfort foam.

At this price, latex cooling gel and memory foam are unavailable. Yet, this product rates quite well as a medium-firm mattress according to pillow top mattress user reviews. It also scores great in motion and zoned isolation.

If you are on a budget, this product can easily be a suitable purchase.

Mattress height – 10 inches

Warranty – 10 Years


  • Budget buy.
  • Firm but soft.
  • Above-average longevity.


  • Warranty issue.
  • Low bounce.
  • Insufficient height.
  • Flat pillow top.

pillow top mattress

Tips to choose the right pillow top mattress

1. Budget

A pillow top mattress can cost you anywhere from $150 – $1500. Try not to buy mattresses around the $100 unless it’s a festive offer. Low-quality materials, low durability, and a not-so-comfortable experience, you may find yourself back to square one again.

Here are the more tidbits to help you get the best deal on a pillow top mattress:

Buy online

Purchasing a mattress offline is at least a day’s work of lying on a dozen or so mattresses and then picking one over the other how you ‘felt’ for a minute. Even memory foam takes at least a few minutes to shape with your body. Plus, offline stores cash in on you while you go pretend to sleep on markups around and above 150%. So, a mattress worth $100 can end up costing you $150 offline.

You do get free shipping, the salesperson beaming as you pay extra and a few men doing the hard work – setting your newly bought mattress in place.

Bottomline – buy online and save big. Without a doubt, a mattress will be cheaper online than it will be offline. Shipping charges may or may not apply, but still less expensive. The only downside is that you may need to set it up yourself. Why not for a few hundred pounds saved?

Size is price

Bigger is better and pricier. If you’re not the only to sleep on the bed (just the one with trouble sleeping,) you may need a King instead of a Twin. Prices generally increase by at least 20% between each size range. Look out for manufacturers who offer Small Single and Small Twin pillow top mattresses to save a bit more, if you have a compliant bed-mate.

Quality is cheaper

A right quality pillow top mattress can be a more reasonable choice to make. Quality means more than just comfort and luxury. It also means that the mattress will last longer than, say, a more affordable one upfront.

A £120 unit, with not the best pillow top mattress reviews, lasts for 3 years. Pay up £40 more, and you can surely get 2 more years out of a better quality unit. Durability is an urgent pointer to consider. £150 for 5 years means £0.08/day for a beautiful sleep. But, if you instead opt for the £120 pillow top, you are spending £0.10/day minus the comfort. So, quality is actually cheaper!

2. Material & Structure

Mattresses have moved on from industrial coils to specially manufactured bed coils which are responsive to human body weight. Nowadays, you can opt for a mattress that can regulate temperature, shape in tune with your body contours, do both of these, etc. You can even opt for a bed that can help you have better sex if not the best!

Before that, let’s bust a myth on mattresses.

All leading mattresses are based on coils. Without coils and with just only the fanciest of modern bedding materials, you may as well end up with a sleepless night, again.

Coils are essential to maintain the structural rigidity of a mattress and provide the necessary support to your body weight. All other materials only provide added functions for comfort.

In case of a pillow top mattress, the pillow top itself is an extra layer filled with either of these materials or just plain cotton wool (something we do not recommend here.)

What you need to understand is, these latest tech materials are excess vital features over the primary spring coils for the elusive sleep you so crave.

Now, it’s time you learn about these materials and know-how they can help regain your natural night’s sleep –

Memory Foam

Memory foam reacts to your body heat and adjusts its shape accordingly, contouring to your body shape as you lay on it.

Perfect if – You want a plush, soft, body-hugging comfort to put you at peace.


Latex is a natural product with proven cooling properties. It is also hypoallergenic and responsive without undermining soft comfort.

Perfect if – You want comfort and a cool experience minus the overt softness of memory foam but with some occasional bounce.


Features a bit of everything balanced out evenly. Hybrid materials are composed of memory and latex foam combined.

Perfect if – You want a cool, comfortable, bouncy, and slightly soft experience.

3. Sleeping Position

This matters too. One of the most common reasons for lack of sleep is body aches and pains. The reason for these aches is that the body parts are either too less or too well supported by the mattress. They lead to incorrect postures or concentrated weight on specific body parts.

An instance to explain, if you sleep sideways, you are more likely to have aches around your hip joints or shoulders or both. Visualise yourself sleeping sideways and it’s easy to understand that these are the parts of your body which bear most of its weight. Too much support can cause aches as these body parts have to take most the weight. Too less means they are out of normal structural position for the duration of the night and therefore, a not-so-happy morning.

Your sleeping position is a necessary factor to ponder on before buying a mattress:

  • Sleep sideways: Which most of us do, you need a soft mattress which can provide the best possible body contouring.
  • Sleep on your stomach: Which you shouldn’t, you need to support it well and the rest of the body too. If the mattress is too soft, the stomach portion will cave in and so will the spine causing back pain. It is crucial to consider the body temperature as well if you’re a stomach sleeper.
  • If you sleep on your back: You’re better off sleeping the other way round. Either way, you need proper support to avoid sinking your body in and wake up with aches around the spine, the ribs, and your hip.

4. Firmness

From soft to medium and medium-firm, pillow top mattresses come labelled with these gradients as a measure of body support and suppleness. You may even come across firm mattresses as well with just a basic pillow top. All manufacturers label their products to help you understand the support or softness on offer.

Body weight is a significant determinant to consider while choosing a firmness gradient. A heavy body, weighing above 200 pounds, will need a medium-firm mattress for similar support as a body of 150 pounds will gain from a medium labelled mattress.

Finally, consider your preferred sleeping position. You can go for a memory foam pillow cover on top. But make sure you purchase a product labelled as medium and not soft if you sleep on your stomach and if you are above 150 pounds.

Pillow Top Mattress FAQs

Are pillow top mattress pads a suitable alternative to purchasing pillow top mattresses?

Pillow top mattress pads can be a budget alternative for a pillow top mattress. But they are not durable, ineffective for heavy bodies, and are prone to sagging after regular usage.

How long does a pillow top mattress last?

Depending on the brand, features and usage, a mattress should last anywhere between 3 years to 8 years on an average.

Should pillow top mattresses be flipped for better longevity?

Not all pillow top mattress designs are suitable for flipping. Most of these products come manufactured with the pillow top on one face and coil springs on the other face.

What kind of pillow top mattress should I buy?

Understand your requirements and budget to decide. You can start by choosing between materials for the pillow top, the firmness gradient of the mattress, additional features, size, etc. Consider only your requirements first and not brands.

Can I get manufacturer warranty on Amazon purchases?

Manufacturer warranty may not be applicable on all products purchased from Amazon. E.g. – Amazon Global Store products may not extend warranty benefits for products shipped outside the home country.

Can a pillow top mattress help with better sleep?

Pillow top or not, there’s a reason why the $14 billion US mattress industry continues to grow at 3%+ annually.

The average American works 47 hours a week, 9.4 hours a day. Add to that 2 hours lost travelling to and fro, that’s half the day gone. But work hours rarely affect sleep. More than one-third of adult Americans sleep less than 6 hours a day irrespectively.

Trying to curtail on habits causing sleep-deprivation is a long drawn process. Medication can only make matters worse, create a dependency and add another habit. Falling asleep naturally is the order of the day and your bed is the best place to do that. A pillow top mattress can successfully help you recover your natural sleep cycles.

Keep in mind all the information that you have come across so far before making a purchase. Manipulate your body and mind to sleep better at night. A suitable mattress can do in one go what mediation can take weeks to get done. Dream again and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

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