10 Best Queen Size Mattress 2019 Reviews

Nowadays, when the word ‘supersized’ is mentioned, people usually think about fast food chains and all giant soda or food orders that can be made ridiculously large for them. The bedding industry had the exact idea about mattresses, except it occurred decades before the fast-food chains made it a trend! It was all the rave throughout the 50s and 60s. Sleeping was forever redefined when king and queen size beds were first introduced to the market.  Defined as spacious and comfortable, 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, the queen size mattress has been the most sought-after size. For those who can’t afford a king-size bed, the queen size offers a similar level of spacious comfort at a significantly lower price. Now that we know that queen size mattresses are the best, it is time to pick out the best queen size mattress!

Best Queen Size Mattress

How To Choose The Best Queen Size Mattress?

So, how do you choose the best queen size mattress for your needs? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer or a way to define the universally perfect mattress for everyone. Many of your choices are going to be influenced by what you and your body need for a good, comfortable night of sleep. Many buyers will readily assume that a bigger price tag will always mean higher quality, but you should know that buying a mattress at a retail store will come with a gigantic 300-1000% price markup. This is why it is almost always more efficient to buy your mattresses online – you are will be more likely to run into a lower price and still get the same level of quality.

Let’s look over some of the things that you should look for in your next mattress:

Life expectancy

Ideally, your mattress should last for at least 8 good years before it starts showing signs of wear and tear. This isn’t necessarily a general rule of thumb, as there are some out there that can last up to 10 years or even more without a hitch! It largely depends on what it was made of. For example, memory foam mattresses have an average life expectancy of 10 years, while latex mattresses will top that and last up to 12 years. There are no set rules here, as the way the mattress is being used can often improve or degrade its life expectancy.


This mostly comes down to your preference or may be brought on by some medical conditions that would require a certain level of firmness. For example, people suffering from chronic back pains will benefit from a medium-firm foam mattress that will offer a perfect contour to their resting body and still relieve pressure points.

Allergens and chemicals

If you are sensitive to chemicals or certain materials, you should know that some mattresses can trigger allergic reactions based on what was used to make them. Things like vinyl, various types of plastic and latex are all things a lot of people are allergic to. You should always check very carefully, to make sure you won’t.

The Top 10 Best Queen Size Mattresses

Sweetnight Queen Size Gel Memory Foam Mattress4.8
Cotton Cloud Natural Beds and Furniture Pearl Queen Size Bed Mattress4.9
Early Bird 12-inch Hybrid Memory Foam and Spring Mattress4.8
Oshion 14" Three Layers Cool Medium Firm Memory Foam Mattress4.9
American Mattress Company 8" Graphite Infused Memory Foam4.9
SLEEPINC. 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Comfort Body Support4.7
Best Price Mattress 12" Premium Memory Foam Mattress4.8
RENUE 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Copper & Gel Infused Memory Foam4.6
Fortnight Bedding 8 inch Queen Size Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress4.7
BedStory 12 inch Queen Mattres4.7

1. Sweetnight Queen Size Gel Memory Foam Mattress

This is a very good choice for sleepers with sensitive skin looking for a plush, comfortable fit. The Sweetnight gel memory foam mattress is there to provide pressure point relief and keep your body aligned properly as you sleep. It doesn’t include any harmful substances, like Mercury or formaldehyde. It has a soft and natural feel to it because it was made of breathable cotton fabric.

This is a dual-layered, springless mattress with a soft removal cover, which is designed to keep moisture and heat away from the mattress itself, to make for the most hygienic, healthy, antibacterial sleeping experience there is! Under the soft cover, there is a 2-inch gel-infused memory foam layer. This layer will adjust to your body shape and weight, as well as your body temperature while you rest. It will evenly distribute the heat across the surface, making your sleep pleasantly cool.

Underneath is a somewhat firmer 6-inch layer which is designed for comfort and proper spine alignment. Whether you are a side, back or a stomach sleeper – this is the best mattress if you are looking for great support, comfort and relief.

Recommended for

This mattress is going to suit side, stomach and back sleepers alike. It will also support all body shapes and sizes. This is what makes it the most versatile pick there is!


  • Two layers completely designed for your comfort
  • Comfortable premium memory foam with a great hug
  • Cooling gel infusion to make your sleep cooler


  • May be considered too firm by some
  • Great for hot sleepers, but may not be enjoyed by sleepers who don’t have any temperature issues

2. Cotton Cloud Natural Beds and Furniture Pearl Queen Size Mattress

If you are looking for a more handcrafted, all-natural memory foam mattress – this is going to be the perfect choice for you! Packed with 1.8 density foam that will truly make you feel like you are sleeping on a cotton cloud! It has a total of four layers, which are all filled with natural cotton. There are 3 sheets of luxury foam, to keep the other layers apart, while all of them are wrapped and bound together by two layers of natural wool batting.

Because cotton and wool are generally considered soft and fluffy materials, they need to be held firmly together by something. The mattress has a very heavy outer shell with double-stitched seams, plus – all of the materials within are tufted to help keep everything in one place. Because it is made to be all-natural, this mattress has the lowest possible chances of inducing allergic reactions.

There is something you should know, though. While all of the materials used are natural and genuine, the manufacturer does treat the cotton layers with a very small amount of borax. This is only to make sure the mattress will have a suitable flammability protection rating and meet the Federal Regulations’ demands. The manufacturer can be contacted, to make one without borax, if needed, though they will require a doctor’s note.

Recommended for

It is very versatile and accommodating to all of the sleeping preferences. However, because it may not offer the best back support to people with chronic pains.


  • A handcrafted, high-quality approach to a more comfortable rest
  • Soft and fluffy, but also firm in all of the right ways
  • All-natural materials used in creation


  • Is treated with a small amount of borax, though can be requested without
  • Might be too soft for those looking for more firmness

3. Early Bird 12-inch Hybrid Memory Foam and Spring Mattress

An early bird might get the worm, but you will probably be tempted to sleep in if you decide on this one! Although this one has been made with back support and pressure relief in mind, it combines the firmness and weight support of a spring mattress with the body hug and the plush, comfortable feel of a memory foam surface. You get the best of both worlds, especially if you are looking for a medium firmness. Funnily enough, medium firmness is what most people tend to go for.

Despite popular beliefs, a very firm mattress won’t help your back pains as much as a medium-firm one will.  This mattress is handcrafted and double-layered to provide you with excellent body support, heat dissipation as well as pressure point relief to help you go gently into that good night. If you often get woken up by your partner, it might help to know that it also reduces motion transfer. Although this is technically a bed-in-a-box, you can still place it on a spring foundation. The manufacturers recommend it!

Recommended for

Because this mattress combines the best out of spring and memory foam solutions, this is going to be a very good choice for all kinds of sleepers, as well as all body types and sizes! This is a reliable choice for someone who can’t make up their mind between memory foam and springs.


  • A perfect combination of soft and firm
  • Double layered and optimized for your comfort
  • Motion transfer reduced for a good, peaceful night of sleep


  • Frame sold separately, though it would be a non-issue if you already have one to fit its size
  • Might not be the right choice if you prefer foam mattresses to springs or vice versa

4. Oshion 14″ Three Layers Cool Medium Firm Memory Foam Mattress

Another memory foam mattress for stomach and back sleepers, Oshion comes through to make the list with their medium-firm mattress and three layers of comfortable goodness! This mattress was made out of premium silicone memory foam, sponge and Spandex. First up, you have the 3-inch gel infused layer on top. The gel helps increase the airflow but also acts as a temperature regulator.

This certainly comes in handy if you get too hot under the covers to be able to fall asleep. The layer underneath sports the airflow support base, which supports the top layer. Finally, the third layer is geared more towards providing adequate support to your body. Seeing as this is memory foam, the mattress will easily conform to your body shape and size, allowing you to rest comfortably, while still getting the proper spinal support. It comes with an easy-off, machine washable cover, as well as two matching contour memory foam pillows to boot.

Recommended for

This is a great choice for those suffering from frequent back pains because it will provide a greater level of support and keep your spine aligned.


  • Cooling effect, three comfy layers and a firmness to make it a great choice!
  • Comes with a cover and two pillows
  • Offers superior lumbar support


  • It’s a bit firmer than medium, so it might take some time getting used to

5. American Mattress Company 8″ Graphite Infused Memory Foam

This may not be the world’s best mattress, but it still makes the list because of its superior cooling properties. Besides, the manufacturer offers a lot of customization in terms of the dimensions. It can be made to fit spaces that may not otherwise be able to accommodate Queen size beds.

If you are looking around for the perfect fit for your bunk bed or an RV, this might be your best bet. Moreover, it has a medium firmness and it is infused with graphite gel, which helps regulate your sleeping temperature.

Recommended for

This is mostly a niche pick for a good camping trip, and it might be even considered a camping essential! All sleeping styles are supported and thanks to the memory foam, all body sizes will find it equally enjoyable.


  • Superior cooling, thanks to the graphite infusion
  • Available in custom dimensions and sizes
  • Perfect choice for an RV bed


  • May not be an ideal pick for things outside of RVs or bunk beds

6. SLEEPINC. 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Comfort Body Support

Sleep Inc. offers a very good 10-inch memory foam mattress, made primarily with back and side sleepers in mind. It has a natural feel to it, and no harmful chemicals were used in its creation. It comes with a 10-year warranty, so you can rest assured that you will be covered for years! Your rest will be reassured even further, thanks to the gel infusion technology that has been implemented, to let you always sleep in a cool environment and wake up refreshed.

The soft, contouring surface on top allows total body support and pressure point relief. It is handcrafted to offer the best support you can imagine, you can also buy a frame separately, or use it on a foundation of your own. Since this mattress is firmer than most, you may want to consider laying it down on a spring box.

Recommended for

This is going to benefit side and back sleepers the most, as it offers the greatest amount of support to them. If you are somewhat more of a heavy sleeper, you may want to get a spring box and use this mattress in conjunction with it, to really get the best support.


  • Handcrafted with utmost care for your comfort
  • Pressure point relief to alleviate back pain problems
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty


  • The frame isn’t included and can be purchased separately

7. Best Price Mattress 12″ Premium Memory Foam Mattress

This is another high-quality memory foam mattress to consider. It is a three-layered mattress, carefully engineered to provide adequate back support and conform to a multitude of different body shapes and sizes, to provide sleepers with the best possible experience.

What makes this a little different from all of the other memory foam mattresses we’ve covered so far, is that this one is temperature reactive. Before you lay down on it, you can feel that it is firm. As you do lie down on it, it starts to become softer and slowly adapt by shaping and molding itself to your body. It comes with an intricately woven swirl fabric cover, to maximize the comfort and had a bit of padding.

Recommended for

This is a perfect choice for someone with a varied sleep style. Someone who needs a bit of everything when it comes to their sleep would find this to be a very versatile choice.


  • Premium quality memory foam to guarantee a refreshing sleep
  • The actual firmness depends on your body temperature
  • Soft cover to provide even more comfort


  • You might not be a fan of this one if you don’t like your mattress switching up firmness levels

8. RENUE 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Copper & Gel Infused Memory Foam

Renue went a long way to make sure that their 12-inch multi-layered memory foam mattress is going to have you sleeping at the perfect temperature constantly. It has not one, but two layers dedicated entirely to your body temperature as you sleep. The surface layer is infused with gel but also contains a small copper infusion. Copper has been known to absorb heat efficiently, but in this case, it has a dual purpose. The copper infusion is also there to help create an antibacterial layer, which gets rid of bad odors. It also prevents the buildup of dust mites, which are known to cause severe allergic reactions in some.

Furthermore, there is a stretch-knit cover, which is meant to protect your mattress from stains. It is suitable for all body types and it does reduce motion transfer by quite a lot. Side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleeper alike will find it very comfortable and accommodating.

Recommended for

If you have problems falling asleep but you also want to prevent dust mites from corrupting your mattress, this is probably going to be your best bet! It is equally suitable to all sleeper kinds, so you won’t have a problem there.


  • Copper infused, for the coolest sleep experience you can get
  • A super stretch-knit cover to ensure your comfort
  • Antibacterial protection for healthier sleeping


  • Not a good idea if you are sensitive to copper

9. Fortnight Bedding 8 inch Queen Size Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress

Another very customizable approach you may want to take is this 10-inch gel memory foam mattress. Although it is more suitable for an RV, or a guest bed, you’re still going to find it very comfortable and enjoyable, none the less. It is very lightweight, making it easily portable but still firm enough to rest easily against it.

The folding topper has an 8-inch has a cooling body temperature gel infusion, followed by a firm but comfortable layer that offers decent back support to those who may have trouble falling asleep because of back pains. The 6-inch memory foam layer helps the mattress adapt your body’s shape and it is pretty much considered to be an outdoor essential, whether it is for camping trips, guest bedroom or a portable home.

Recommended for

If you are looking for a new guest bedroom mattress, or an addition to your camping equipment, this is a solid pick. It accommodates all sleepers equally and will give you the comfort you are after.


  • Formidable back support with a cooling effect
  • A whooping 10-year warranty
  • Very lightweight and portable


  • Most suitable for RVs and bunk beds

10. BedStory 12 inch Queen Size Mattres

And finally, to end this list on a good note, the 12-inch gel-infused memory foam mattress with pocket coils is guaranteed to be suitable to all types of sleepers. This is a hybrid mattress, which combines the plush and comfortable sensation of a memory foam mattress, with the firm back support of a spring mattress.

It also supports heavier sleepers, so whatever your body type is, you are bound to get a restful night’s sleep if you choose this one! You get durable, soft, firm and bouncy all in one fancy package. If you are into green solutions, it might help to know that this mattress is completely eco-friendly. It also meets the fire safety regulations, so it is both comfortable and very safe to use.

Recommended for

If you can’t make up your mind between springs and memory foam, you might as well go for this one and get the best of both. Moreover, you will rest comfortably no matter what your sleeping preferences may be.


  • Pocket coils and memory foam galore! Get all of the back support you never knew you needed!
  • Eco-friendly and a great addition to a green home
  • Safe and comfortable


  • Wouldn’t be the best pick if you don’t like hybrid mattresses

Best Queen Size Mattress

Frequently Asked Questions

At the end of the day, you want to make sure that you get the best mattress for your personal needs. With so many out there to choose from, it could get overwhelming and there are a few things you should be aware of:

Is it normal for my mattress to be smaller on unpacking?

Your mattress may not have the size as advertised when you initially unpack it. If you find your mattress to be a bit smaller, or not as wide as you thought it would be, give it some time. The manufacturer does need to compress it tightly, to fit it into a shipping container, so sometimes it can take up to 72 hours for the mattress to retain its original size.

When should I replace my mattress?

If you’re wondering when is the best time to replace your mattress, there is no one-word answer. Although they do tend to have a life expectancy of at least 8 years most of the time, you can easily determine whether your mattress needs replacing or not by how you sleep. If you start to experience neck or back pains, or you generally just don’t feel rested after a night’s sleep, it might be a very good time to consider a replacement.

Can I flip over a memory foam mattress?

Unlike a spring mattress, you should not be flipping over a memory foam mattress. Because the spring mattress doesn’t have layers to it, either way you turn it, you are still going to get the same surface, which is still supported by the same coil count. On the other hand, if you flip over a memory foam mattress, which usually has anywhere from 1 to 4 layers, you could be resting on a layer that is supposed to enhance the comfort and the firmness of the remaining ones and shouldn’t be rested on by the sleeper directly.

Should I choose a firm one if I have back pains?

Keep an eye out for the firmness rating of every mattress you consider. While most people tend to believe that firmer is always going to be better, choosing an overly firm mattress might be the leading cause of your ensuing back pains. If you have specific health needs that pertain to your sleep, it might be a good idea to consult a professional regarding a good choice. You don’t necessarily need to go for whatever they recommend, but at least it will give you a starting point as to what you should be looking for.

Can I try before I buy?

Unlike retail stores, shopping for a mattress online doesn’t quite allow you to test it before you buy it. Fortunately, a lot of the sellers will be providing some kind of a money-back guarantee, if you don’t find it suitable for your needs. Be on the lookout for these offers every time you are not sure that what you are planning to buy will be a great fit.

What can I do to make the most out of my mattress?

Sometimes, even a good mattress won’t be able to get rid of all of your back pains. It’s not the end of the world, though! Always keep in mind that you can get additional accessories, which will help you gain certain effects that the mattress alone wouldn’t be able to provide. There is a variety of different mattress pads and covers you could be buying, to further increase the comfort levels.


Although some might say that buying a new mattress is a dauntless task, it can get a whole lot easier if you know what you are looking for right from the get-go. You don’t need to be an expert on mattresses, to be able to cherry-pick the best queen size mattress. You only need to be aware of your needs to find a suitable match.

A quick internet search and a bit of reading can go a long way to making this experience a breeze.  Having all of the relevant information close at hand can help you make an educated decision, even before you decide on buying a specific brand or product. With the convenience, the Internet brings to your search, you should have no problem isolating at least a few brands that might pique your interest. From there on out, it all comes down to weighing your choices to find the best one!

Don’t worry if you get overwhelmed by the vast amount of choices that are presented to you. If you find it too hard to make your pick, you can always ask for a recommendation, or look for popular choices. Since it all comes down to preference and personal tastes, it might take a while for you to define what constitutes as a good night’s sleep in your books. But after you narrow it down -all of the suitable choices are suddenly going to become obvious to you. After that, it is only a matter of time before you’ve pinpointed the best one.

Remember, every day feels as good as the previous night’s sleep was. You deserve to get the most out of your rest, so make it count and start looking for the perfect mattress today!

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