Is the Coir Mattress Good?

What is a coir mattress? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this mattress? How to buy a quality coir mattress is a “hot” issue that receives the most attention when it comes to coir mattresses. To help you better understand this mattress, Sleeprun will provide the most complete information about this type of mattresses made from coir.

What is a coir mattress?

The main material to create high-quality coconut coir mattresses is coir – the component between the inner hard shell and the outer shell of the coconut.

To create a coir mattress, the coir fibers are first twisted, and then hot rubber sprayed onto the surface to fix as well as create basic elasticity for the mattress. The final step is to press the coir sheets together to shape the mattress.

In the process of producing coir mattresses, manufacturers will integrate modern technologies such as bactericidal, mold, bacteria and virus technologies and deodorizing technology to ensure the cleanest and safest materials.

Most coir mattresses on the market today are made 100% from virgin coconut fiber, so the mattresses are extremely safe and friendly to the users’ health.

Coir mattresses are also designed in accordance with the standard bed size, so choosing coir mattresses is also easier for customers.

Is the coir mattress good?

With natural ingredients and modern manufacturing processes, coir mattresses naturally become the first choice of families in the selection of sleep care products.

Some outstanding advantages that coir mattress brings to our sleep are as follows:

User-friendly health

Coir mattresses have been confirmed for absolute safety to the health of users. The use of 100% natural materials has helped this type of mattress to achieve perfection in the task of sleep care because it does not cause any trouble for the users.

In addition, the coconut fiber material is also extremely important for protecting the environment around us because it does not contain toxic substances and can decompose well into the environment after the expiry date.

The coir mattress after being pressed has the best hardness and elasticity. Patients with chronic back pain or osteoarthritis are always advised to use this type of mattress.

Coir mattresses are recommended by health professionals for people with chronic back pain or families with young children. Coir mattresses are also ideal for the baby to develop their skeletal system.

Consistent with the habit of using mattresses

The mattress used to be used only in the winter to keep warm, but today most of us have the habit of using the mattress all year around, including hot summers.

The appearance of the airy coconut fiber mattress seems to dispel the hot and uncomfortable obsession when sleeping because the coir material brings great cool feeling.

You will notice the difference of coir mattresses with the weather above 20 degrees, especially during the summer peak. There is no sweat on the back like sleeping on other mattresses.

Long lifespan

The average lifespan of a coir mattress is about 10 years. Some are even longer. Current manufacturers are applying the most modern mattress manufacturing technology to create their products.

Meanwhile, the price of coir mattresses only falls under $ 500, so investing in a mattress for a good sleep is completely reasonable and economical.

The long lifespan of coir mattresses does not stop at the mere economic significance. Over years of using, the flatness of the coir mattresses remains the same. We do not need to replace the mattress like using other products.

Coir Mattress

Disadvantages of coir mattresses

The advantages of coir mattresses are undeniable. However, coir mattresses still bring many disadvantages that are difficult to overcome, so customers are quite hesitant when deciding whether to buy the product.


Compared to other mattresses on the market, the weight of coir mattresses is quite heavy. This causes great obstacles for moving the mattress as well as cleaning it periodically at home. It is impossible to clean the coir mattress yourself without the help of others.

Easy to get termites

This is the most difficult problem of coir mattresses to overcome. As a natural material and a favorite environment for termites, the coir mattresses will start to have termites after a period of use.

Lying on a mattress with termites is a disaster for our health. You will face some diseases such as rashes, allergies and inflammatory skin infections that are difficult to handle.

Osteoarthritis diseases

In case of buying low-quality coir mattresses, we will also face the risk of malfunction of the joints, back pain and discomfort.

Experience of choosing high-quality coir mattresses

To buy a quality coir mattress requires knowing, we should know how to choose carefully.

Choose the right size

The bedroom space of different families is different, so the mattress size has to fit the size of the bed and meet the sleeping needs of family members.

Choose the major brand

On the market today there are many coir mattress firms that give users many different options. However, this also makes it difficult for you to choose the best brand because you do not understand the quality of each product.

Look for famous brands that have affirmed their prestige and quality as well as its safety.

Buy from a reputable address

In recent days, the problem of fake goods has always made consumers unsafe. All essential consumer goods are rampantly counterfeited. That makes selecting a genuine, quality product extremely difficult.

Not outside the commercial purpose of many stores, coir mattresses are sold everywhere. Except for prestigious addresses, many places are selling cheap goods that hit the psychology of users, in return for poor quality products even harmful to health.

When buying coir mattresses, go to the genuine dealers of big brands. You will not need to worry anything about the quality of coir mattresses.

Before deciding where to buy coir mattresses, please consult a few places and compare the price list to find the most reasonable place. Pay attention to the names, brands, and reviews from people around the address selling the bedding products to make the best decisions.

A reputable mattress retailer will provide high-quality and reasonably priced mattresses. The most professional customer service will allow you to worry about nothing.

Guide to cleaning and preserving coir mattresses

For the coconut fiber mattress to work well and effectively to bring the full sleep, you need to know how to use and maintain the mattress properly to eliminate the impact on the mattress’s durability.

Use a standard mattress

The placement of the coir mattress must be flat, stable and not rough so that the mattress is not channeled and preserves the flatness.

Do not place heavy objects on the mattress surface for a long time. Eliminate the strong external forces acting on any point on the coir mattress.

Keep the mattress in a cool place, away from high heat sources, heat-generating devices as well as inflammable chemicals.

Do not spill liquids or solvents on the surface of the coir mattress. If there is a problem happening, it must be handled immediately. Ignoring the spill for a long time will cause mold moisture.

If you use coir mattresses for a long time, you should change the surface of the mattress so that the force works evenly across the points.

Use a mattress cover to minimize the penetration of dirt into the mattress.

Hygiene and storage of coir mattresses

The cover of the coir mattress is removable, so you should pay attention to clean it weekly to remove dirt and dead skin from the mattress surface.

For the intestine of the mattress, we should bring it to the airy area to allow natural wind to eliminate odors and impurities stuck in it.

The water-resistance of the coir mattress is impressive, so you can wash the entire intestine. This should only be done once a year. Use a mild water jet and neutral detergent to wash and clean the stains on the coir mattress.

Every week, you can use a mini vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust hidden in the slots and grooves of the coir mattress.

Understanding the features of the coir mattress as well as how to clean and store this product will help you feel secure when deciding to buy and use it.


Instead of choosing a coconut fiber mattress that is risky, buy a quality product that provides good sleep care such as a pressed cotton mattress, rubber mattress or spring mattress to ensure absolute safety for sleep. Still, many families believe in choosing a lot more.

Always be a wise consumer and choose the best quality mattresses for your family’s sleep. If you still have any questions about coir mattresses such as how to properly clean the coir mattress as well as experience of buying genuine mattress products, please contact Sleeprun. We are always ready to answer all your questions.

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