How many crib sheets do I need

Taking the baby home from hospital is a moment that all parents are looking forward to. However, before that, you should have all items such as clothes, cribs, and strollers ready to give your baby the best condition. Want to know more details? Please refer to the following article on Sleeprun.

3 safety principles to remember

Beware of the crib

You have just found a crib. However, before using, you should carefully check the safety of the crib. Are the crib bars and joints secure? Is there any peeling on the crib even though it is just a little bit? Is the cot suitable for your child’s age, height, and weigh?

Pay attention to the location of the crib

This is probably the factor most neglected or not even thought of by baby’s parents. Babies will grow faster than you can imagine and soon they can grasp anything in their reach such as zippered curtains, hanging toys and cradles. Do not put your baby cribs by the window because you don’t know when he’ll be able to climb.

Do not leave stuffed animals in the sleeping areas of your infants

Once your baby is able to wave his or her hand, it’s time for you to check the sleeping area to make sure there are no objects that can accidentally cover your baby’s face, which can cause suffocation. This is one of the leading causes of sudden infant death, especially for kids under the age of 2. This may not be necessary if you are always available to “watch” your baby 24/24, but the possibility of suffocation is likely, so we need to be careful.

How many crib sheets do you need?

For adult bedding, we should change or wash the sheets every two weeks. However, for babies, you should change the bed sheets more often.

Babies have extremely sensitive skin and are susceptible to allergies from things like dirt and bacteria, so according to Sleeprun, you should change the bed sheet once a day. When the baby is stronger, and the resistance is better, you can do it every four or five days. Moreover, if you swaddle your baby, the sheets will become less dirty. In addition, your baby has no control over his or her hygiene, and he or she can urinate in the crib if you don’t pay attention to them. Therefore, you need to change the existing crib sheets as needed.

You should also regularly check your baby’s crib sheets, such as every few hours, because we don’t know when the baby will urinate, and there are no signs from the baby to tell us that they want to pee. Finally, make sure your baby’s crib sheets are always clean. By this way, make sure you have at least four to six sheets to change regularly. For newborn babies particularly, you should prepare at least six sheets.

To create a healthy environment for the children and help the parents sleep better, the parents should often wash their baby’s blankets, sheets and pillows. The bed can be an environment that facilitates many types of harmful bacteria and fungi to grow. Also, you must keep your baby’s mattress clean.

One of the bacteria that can spread on a bed sheet is Staphylococcus aureus, which is usually found on the skin or in the nose of healthy people or cuts or acne marks.

These bacteria will form on sheets if parents do not often do the laundry.

Our Tips:

Parents should wash sheets, pillows and blankets at temperatures above 60 Celsius degrees. White cotton cloth should be washed at temperatures up to 90 degrees. Thin fabric cloth should be washed at a lower temperature level.

Note: Bacteria grow best at body temperature, so do not wash at 30-40 degrees without cleaning solution.

crib sheet

How to choose a baby bed sheet

The first criterion for choosing a baby bed sheet is the suitability and safety for the sensitive skin of the babies. Cotton fabrics that can easily absorb sweat will not make the baby feel hot when they are lying down. Moreover, cotton sheets also create comfort for your baby to sleep better and deeper.

Choose baby sheets from reputable brands to ensure high quality and the safety for the baby.

In addition to choosing the fabric, the shape of the baby bedding is also very important. You also should choose bed sheets with cartoon patterns and vibrant colors. The choice of materials and patterns of bedding sets also depends on the age and gender of the baby. For newborn babies, we should choose simple bed sheets and smooth motifs, and then focus more on type of fabric, because newborn babies have weak resistance. Fabrics like Modal silk have antibacterial properties that protect the skin, as well as give babies a good sleep. For babies who are a little older, you can focus more on the patterns, to stimulate curiosity and excitement of the babies.

For baby girls, you can choose cute cartoon motifs, dolls, small animals and bright colors. Boys are stronger, so you can choose textures like geometry, universe, superman and cars.


A good sleep will help your baby to be both physically and mentally healthy. Therefore, bedding plays a quite special role among the baby’s household items. It is something that will directly affect your baby’s sleep. However, choosing the right bed sheet for babies is always a tough problem for parents nowadays. If you are still wondering how many baby sheets you should buy to save costs as well as ensure factors such as aesthetics and safety, please leave a message below for us. You will be consulted to have a comfortable choice for your baby who needs the best product.

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