How to fold bed sheets

When entering the hotel, you are always impressed with the white, clean and fragrant bed sheets as new. The secret to getting such luxury hotel bed sheets is here.

How to choose the best bed sheet

bed sheets

In addition to protecting and shielding mattresses from dust, the sheets also have a meaning in decorating, and especially, the color of the sheets is also related to the health of the owners.

There are types of sheets that are mass produced, but there are also models of high-class sheets ordered on demand. The materials which the sheets are made of range from cotton, jersey fabric to silk. However, consumers still prefer the sheets made of cotton. That could be because sheets made of cotton will absorb sweat more easily and be airier. Silk can make the bed softer, but silk is harder to store and wash than cotton. Cotton sheets can also be put into a washing machine and ironed, while silk cannot be washed in a washing machine or with regular washing powder.

Numerous studies have shown that: red bed sheets are suitable for wedding rooms but using them will cause feelings of nervous breakdown, which is not good for people having insomnia; orange sheets create a feeling of good sleep, which is suitable for the elderly; yellow is not suitable for people with depression; green helps to relax and reduce stress; pink helps stabilize the psychology of people with autism.

Children should use the beds with funny motifs. Adults should choose bed sheets with gentle design patterns. In winter, users should choose thick and warm-colored sheets.

How to fold bed sheets

With the simple steps below, you can completely overcome the difficulty in folding a bed sheet so that you can have a square and neat bedding.

Step 1:

The bed sheet after being washed and dried should be placed on a flat surface. Then you slip your hand inside the corners of the throttle and fold the sheet in the shape.

Step 2:

Thread the two corners of the bed sheet together lengthwise and continue to fold in half so that the four corners of the sheet overlap.

Step 3:

Divide the bed sheet into 1/3. Use your fingers to smooth and fold the sheet inwards. Do the same thing on the other side.

Step 4:

Fold the sheet into three sections vertically and you are done and have a nice square bed sheet set.

Instructions on how to clean the bed sheet

The materials of the bed sheets will vary depending on each person’s preference and financial condition. However, no matter what materials or how cheap bed sheets are, they have the same preservation principles.

To have a set of hotel sheets as new, you need to note the following guidelines:

  • Clean your bed sheets regularly.
  • Always sort the bed sheets before washing.
  • The amount of detergent and fabric softener used should be proper.
  • Depending on the type and extent of dirt on the throttle, apply the appropriate methods.
  • If you wash your bed sheets in a washing machine, note the appropriate washing regime.
  • Avoid drying the bed sheets in the sun or at high temperature because that could damage the fabric texture and make the color of the sheets fade more quickly.
  • Iron the sheets to keep them always tight and flat.

A neatly folded bed sheet will help you preserve it the best. Above are some useful tips we want to share with you for a durable tidy bed set which is like in the hotel.

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