How to sleep on the floor

In the past, many people thought that lying on the floor would cause your body to lose heat and be susceptible to cold because the current flooring materials are usually stone or baked bricks – the materials that easily absorb heat. When you fall asleep, your body temperature will drop, and it will be absorbed by the floor. However, it is now confirmed by some studies that sleeping on the floor will bring certain benefits.

According to the advice of US medical experts, people will be healthier when sleeping on the floor, and here is why.

Pros and Cons when sleeping on the floor


  • Ensure safety for young children. For families with young children, there is no need to worry about a baby falling off a bed or hitting the walls of a bed.
  • Make the most of the space in the room. Without beds, the area of ​​the room is also more spacious.
  • More pleasant and comfortable than lying in bed. Many people have experienced the feeling of sleeping on the floor and are extremely excited about the pleasant feeling.
  • Low cost. Compared to having to invest in expensive beds, a set of blankets, pillows and a mattress will be cheaper. Whenever the house has a guest, the landlord just needs to spread the extra blanket and mattress when needed and then fold them easily the next morning.


  • Bedding stuffs on the floor are easy to get dirty and musty, so it often takes time and effort to clean them.
  • The room needs a large closet to store blankets, mattresses and pillows.
  • It takes time to fold and put the bedding set away after waking up.

Should children sleep on the floor?

In fact, there have been no studies showing whether children sleeping on the floor is right or wrong. However, it is still better to put your baby to sleep on a bed and a baby mattress because many people have been recorded sleeping on the floor overnight with colds, especially the case of people sleeping on the cold floor but still wearing cool clothes.

Leaving children sleep on the floor for too long can make them feel cold and tired. This is because the temperatures of children’s body and the floor are significantly different and thus cold can easily seep into your baby’s immature body, especially for children under six years old. Children below this age are very weak so hard and cold floor surfaces can affect their health. Moreover, babies can now lie in a crib with a guardrail or a toddler bed with a bed rail, so it is not easy for them to fall out of the bed.

Benefits when sleeping on the floor


  • Sleeping on the floor is beneficial for the spine system, helping blood circulation thereby reducing chronic insomnia. Medical experts said that the spine maintains a straight posture and aligns itself well when lying on the floor, helping to limit and prevent back pain.
  • According to a recent research, lying on the floor can prevent insomnia. Sleeping in the wrong position will pull your shoulders in the wrong position because your clothes can drag your neck and back. That will improve if you lie on the floor.
  • Blood flows better when you sleep on the floor.

Sleeping on the floor will help the whole body relax. If you want to reduce the stress of everyday life and come to sleep faster, try this way:

  • The hip does not hurt or feels uncomfortable when you sleep on the floor because it is always pulled straight.
  • Sometimes you worry or feel restless when lying in bed. Release it by lying on the floor. You will feel the change.
  • Many of us maintain a bad posture throughout the day. Lie on the floor and sleep. The floor will work to correct your posture.
  • Lying on the floor brings many other benefits. You will fall asleep faster and enjoy the peace when you wake up.

The mattress on the sleeping floor is becoming more and more popular. So which mattress is suitable for people sleeping on the floor? According to our advice, you should use a pressed cotton pad with a thickness of 5cm or 9cm because this type of cushion can be folded easily as well as easily moved during use.

How to sleep on the floor

Changing the sleeping position, from sleeping in bed to sleeping on the floor, will not be easy for many people, especially when that habit has been formed for many years. Here are five effective steps to get a good night’s sleep on your floor.

1. Create yourself a suitable sleeping space

If you have a rough and old mattress, do not hesitate to regret because that may make you sleep poorly. The best room temperature for sleeping is between 26-28 degrees C. The room must ensure air circulation.

For the first few days, you may experience some discomfort when your body has not adapted to the new sleeping position. The adjustment time can be from 3-5 days.

2. Relax

An important way to sleep is to remove anxious thoughts from the mind. The sound of rain and soft music help you fall asleep easily. If you are a worrier, avoid thinking about what happened during the day. Nor should you imagine scary or violent things. If you find yourself distracted too much, play a melody and drop your soul into the music.

3. Have a good sleeping posture

Sleeping position is very important if you want a good night’s sleep. Make sure you keep your back straight and the pillow is not too high or low. Avoid lying on your stomach and try placing a pillow between your knees to keep your hips in balance.

Some people who switch to sleeping on the floor think that they should not use pillows. However, if possible, you should sleep on a firm pillow, which could support your head and neck. You should not use a too high pillow if you do not want to wake up with neck pain.

4. Select the mattress that is right for you

There are many options on the market. However, you need to know your own body. Are you a person with back pain? Are you allergic to any material?

Tatami is a magical treasure of Japanese people. It is not only good for health but also has many other positive effects.

First of all, the mattress is quite thick, and the outer layer of the mattress is made from Igusa grass – a plant with a cross-section of sponge structure, so it contains a lot of air inside. Therefore, when sleeping on Tatami, you will feel the elasticity and smoothness.

In addition, despite made from natural materials, Tatami is very difficult to be burned. The reason is that it is very difficult for the straw core of the mattress to be burned when the mattress has a thick layer up to 5 cm. If the mattress catches fire, the fire will only smolder rather than spread at once.

Futon mattress is a traditional mattress, attached to long-standing Japanese families. Current Japanese people still use this type of mattress. In comics or movies, the Futon mattress appears very often.

Japanese Futon mattresses have an average thickness of at least 5cm. Previously, mattresses were mainly stuffed with natural cotton. However, today, raw materials can be replaced with synthetic cotton, if the output of natural cotton is not sufficient. The Japanese attach great importance to hygiene and quality, so both natural and synthetic cotton materials are carefully treated by modern filtration technology, which helps to prevent skin allergies or respiratory allergies.

Yoga mattress

There are some notes when you choose this type of mattress. The length of the mattress cannot be shorter than the height of the body, and the width of the mattress cannot be narrower than the width of the shoulder. The thickness must be appropriate. A Yoga mattress is quite cheap on the market. It is elastic so when you sleep on it, you will also get a sense of smoothness.


Sleeping on the floor offers many health benefits. Above are some useful tips on choosing the most suitable mattress for you when you decide to switch from sleeping in bed to sleeping on the floor. Hope you will get a good night’s sleep and a sweet dream.

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