How to transport a mattress

On the day of moving out or in, how many things do you need to move and organize? Even because so many of you become frustrated, you may just arrange so many things like mattresses and blankets carelessly as long as you’re done. Consequently, you destroy your home appliances. Today Sleeprun will guide you on the steps of transporting mattresses when you are moving. Don’t be afraid to lose your time. Spend two minutes and you can practice it like a pro.

Order of packing mattress before shipping

If you think packing a mattress is simple and easy, then you are a professional. However, unfortunately, when you have to move too many items at the same time, you may end up packing your mattresses in a bad condition.

If you just pack and forget one or two below mattress packing steps before moving out, we are sure that you are damaging your property seriously. Learn from our experts with six steps to packing a mattress.

Step 1: Remove all items from the bed, such as blankets, drapes, sheets and pillows.

Step 2: Get support from family members or friends to lift the mattress out of bed. There are cases where rubber beds are heavier than spring mattresses, so you need the help of two or more people.

Step 3: When you lift the mattress, it is necessary to control it carefully and make sure the mattress is not hooked into nails or entangled in the bed. If not, the mattress will easily be torn and inflated inside. The surface of the mattress must be always dry to reduce the moving load.

Step 4: Fold the mattress back neatly. Then, use a special wrapper to wrap and put the mattress inside. You can buy a carrying bag from retail stores or mattress stores. Note, when buying mattress covers, you need to measure the size of the mattress correctly so that when the mattress is put in, it will fit.

Step 5: You can also use PE plastic wrap around the mattress to avoid scratches and protect the mattress from dirt. Or you can use a thick blanket to cover and wrap around the mattress.

Step 6: Finally, use white tape to glue the outer layer of the mattress.

In the process of packing the mattress, remember to always wrap and paste the mattress carefully. If you skip this step, your mattress will defenitely not hold as well and beautifully as before. Therefore, covering the mattress and applying protective glue will help the mattress to be more protected.

Steps to move the mattress

After packing the mattress, you will need to observe and check how to move the mattress to the truck without it getting caught. To move the spring mattress or other commonly-used mattresses, you must first grasp the size and weight of the mattress to see whether the mattress can go through the door or not. You need to consider how many pounds the mattress weighs.

You need to prepare and arrange the following:

First: Supporters

According to Sleeprun’s experience, you should need a support person. Why do you need support? Simply because the mattress size is too large. You cannot carry it on your shoulders gently.

The terrain of the stairs jiggles up and down. The doors can be narrow, and you will not know who to turn to if you do it alone. So, the best way is that you always need to have 1 or 2 people to support you.

Second: Means of moving the mattress to the truck

You do not need a stroller or trailer to lift and transport the mattress to the truck. You only need to wrap the mattress with specialized tape, plastic wrap and zipper to carry them onto the truck.

Third: Means of transportation

Trucks are the best way to move mattresses. Do not use cars to transport the mattress, because it will obstruct the drivers and cause the traffic danger. You should proceed some steps below when moving the mattress:

Step 1: Before moving the mattress out of the house, make sure that other objects in the house do not hinder the way to the truck.

Watch out for pets and children in the moving area. You should open all the main door for ease of movement. If you encounter the case that the door is smaller than the size of the mattress, you should wriggle and give the mattress an angle of 30-45 degrees.

Do not fold the mattress, but tilt it; otherwise, it will increase the wrinkling of the mattress or even will break the spring.

Step 2: Pay attention to the surrounding area when moving the mattress to avoid the collision of the mattress with other objects. When carrying the mattress to the truck, it is recommended to arrange and place the mattress alternately between other furniture.

For example, let the mattress stand upright vertically between the wardrobe and the refrigerator so that the mattress will not slip. That also helps the objects from being bumped into each other.

It can be asserted that the steps of packing and transporting the mattress when you move out will not be difficult if you have a good plan and preparation.

If you are not in a hurry, moving your home will be quick and easy. If you still find it difficult to do so, please leave a message below to receive the best advice from us.

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