How to Wash an Electric Blanket

The electric blanket is a useful product in winter, especially for old people. The product is essential to help the elderly to be warmer and have a deeper sleep. The problem of washing electric blankets or mattresses is quite common among many consumers. Are they washable?

To find out, let’s take a look at the structure of electric blankets. The structure of an electric blanket consists of 3 parts as follows:

  • The cover of the electric blanket is usually made of velvet or felt to keep the blanket warm, quiet and soft.
  • The thermal layer of the electric blanket consists of heat-generating fibers surrounded by a completely insulated soft porcelain layer.
  • The cotton lining and protective cover should be safe for users.

Therefore, you can safely clean electric blankets by hand or at professional laundry centers.

Electric Blanket

How to wash an electric blanket

Electric blankets can be gently washed by hand and exposed to a cool windy place. Do not wash the electric blanket with a washing machine because it will cause the electric blanket to be twisted and damaged or cause a circuit breakage. Do not expose the electric blanket to the sun because it could make the surface of the blanket and the insulating porcelain vulnerable to damage due to an abrupt heat change.

Steps to wash electric blankets properly:

  • Spread the electric blanket on a flat surface, then pour water over the surface of the blanket to wet it.
  • Pour soap or mild detergent to the surface; use a brush to gently scrub the surface of the blanket; avoid excessive vigor that could discolor and tear the blanket down.
  • Use water to clean the blanket 2-3 times
  • Hang the blanket on a stable surface or a drying line to allow the blanket to dry naturally.

Note: The washing and cleaning of electric blankets should be carried out according to the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

Important notes when washing electric blankets

  • Do not immerse the electric blanket in water.
  • Do not scrub the surface of the blanket vigorously with a brush, which could damage the surface of the blanket.
  • Do not scratch the blanket with your hands. Do not forcefully squeeze the blanket because that may damage the circuit.


Notes for safe use of electric blankets

Before using an electric blanket, you need to read the user manual to get the best use of the blanket.

Note that you should turn on the electric blanket about 30 minutes before sleeping at the highest temperature. Then, when you sleep, you can unplug it so that it can warm you all night. However, if the weather is too cold, you can adjust the heat level to 2-3 (normally, electric blankets have 5-7 levels of warming).

Because it is an electrical device, you should also note the following points to use the electric blanket more safely:

  • When using the blanket, you should spread it straight and not fold it because that can cause the electric blanket to be broken. The internal power cord can be exposed, which could cause fire or shock to users.
  • Do not use the blanket to iron clothes and do not wrap the blanket around your body. In case you do not use the electric blanket for a long time, it is necessary for you to unplug the power plug.
  • When not using the electric blanket, you should spread it over a hard surface and then cover it with a thin layer of sheet to prevent dirt.
  • Patients with polio and drunk people should not use electric blankets. If such people must use the electric blanket, someone must check the temperature to avoid burns.

Note for children or the elderly with poor memory when they have to control the blanket. If you use electric devices like electric blankets or mattresses, do not raise dogs or cats because they can scratch the surface of the blankets or mattresses. Avoid directly contacting with the electric blanket controller. In case you wash your electric blanket with a washing machine, it should be placed in a laundry net bag.

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