How wide is a king size bed frame?

When thinking about the upper class, we immediately think of lavish amusement, high-class villas, and expensive cars. It is hard to discover all of the things just mentioned in an article. As you see the title of this article, we want you to explore King size Beds. What is a King size bed? Why do we call it a new standard of the elite?

Before going deep into exploring the so-called “King size bed”, we want to talk about the upper-class furniture. In brief, the upscale furniture is the convergence of all three elements: beautiful, unique and expensive. Pieces of high-end furniture usually have the latest trend-leading designs that make them unique. They are also made of premium materials, and thus they are expensive. Many pieces of furniture are beautifully customized according to customers’ requests. High-end furniture also brings intangible values when it can express users’ styles. Furniture can raise users to another level. It can bring people’s living space a great experience.

king size bed

Four outstanding features of King size beds

Although people’s living space is becoming increasingly modern today, beds with simple and compact design are the most convenient options. King size beds are favored by many people. This is because they have different characteristics from those of normal beds.

Demonstrating the wealth of the upper class

It is undeniable that King size beds are known as beds for the upper class because of their high price. For the upper class, owning a king-size bed not only is a way for users to express materially but also has an intangible value that asserts their style and status. Therefore, it is difficult for those who are economically restricted to invest in such a luxurious bed.

Having unique designs

Many people believe that the most outstanding features of this type of bed include three factors: beautiful, unique and expensive. Among these factors, if said the unique element is a wide size, the beautiful element should be a gaudy design pattern.

Each type of bed will have different aesthetics depending on the owner’s taste. A bed may be designed in a luxurious classic style but there are also beds designed in a modern style that brings sophistication to the bedroom space. A high headboard can also bring luxury to the bedroom. That is suitable for those who have the aesthetic perfectionism for the bed of their choice.

Accompanied with a thick mattress

One very noticeable thing is that King size beds often come with very thick mattresses. It not only brings comfort to users’ sleep but also creates an upscale aesthetic space. That is something that not every regular bed has.

Suitable for a large bedroom

If you want to use a King size bed, forget the small and narrow space. King size beds best promote their beauty and style when they are placed in a large enough space. This type of bed is not for small bedrooms. Master bedrooms of luxury apartments or villas will be very suitable for King size beds.

How wide is a king size bed?

We are usually familiar with the size beds: 60-inch x 80-inch beds and 70-inch x 80-inch beds. These are the two most common sizes of regular beds. King size beds are usually 78 inches x 86 inches, with the round bed models approximately 78 inches in diameter. In addition, there will be many larger beds with special designs.

King size beds are super large with superficial and luxurious designs and sophisticated decoration. No exaggeration to say that they are the King of all beds, which is true to name them “King Size Bed”. With such characteristics, King size bed will be very fussy about using space.

It can be seen that owning a King size bed is not only a way for you to get a good night’s sleep but also brings a high-class aesthetic status to your private space. Moreover, choosing this type of bed is also a way for you to assert your unique aesthetic taste.

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